10 interior design trends that date your home (and what to replace them with!)

24 Oct 2018

Sure, these well-loved trends have been covetable in the past, but we predict we’ll be seeing less and less of these in Australian homes in the future.

Here are some of those trends we think should be phased out…
Round beds
1-ROund-bed.jpgOnce considered “sleek” and “cool” when futuristic decor was all the rage, nowadays round beds tend to feel ostentatious and a novelty at best. Bonus points if the head board was either leather or microfiber suede.

1-Bed.jpgThe update:
You can’t beat a classic… A classic, single, queen or king bed will feel more current in the bedroom and won’t take up so much unnecessary space.

Decorative painting
2-Decorative-painiting.jpgGlazed, rag-rolling, cheese-cloth, metallic and sponging painting techniques were all the rage in the 80s, 90s and even in the early 2000s, but now it just makes a home look dated and busy.

2-Art.jpgThe update:
White or neutral walls don’t have to be boring. Make a textural statement with a piece of art instead!

Toilet seat covers
3-Toiler-seat.jpgIt’s hard to pinpoint why the toilet was once seen a chance to show off your decorating prowess, but in any case, it’s time to go back to basics.

There is no need to tamper with your toilet seat because if it’s clean, the colour of the rest of your toilet and doesn’t have any cracks or chips, it’s serving its sole purpose. 

3-Toilet-(1).jpgThe update:
Get back to basics, because the toilet shouldn’t be the highlight of the bathroom.

Overdone tropical prints
4-Tropical-print.jpgPrints like this have definitely had their time in the sun for a while, especially since they play into the relaxed, coastal, slightly-boho lifestyle us Aussies love. However, it seems every man and his dog has done some version of the tropical print – from clothing to paintings to wallpaper, and it's become overbearing.

If you can’t seem to part with the print just yet, simply pairing it back will keep you on trend and ready for summer.

4-Monstera.jpgThe update:
Can’t get enough of the palm or monstera deliciosa? Try adding the actual plant instead!

Chevron pattern
5-Chevron.jpgAlthough this trend is still incorported in many Australian homes, this is one of those trends that is no longer at the height of fashion anymore and can begin to be phased out.

5-Chevron-new.jpgThe update:
Consider pairing it back with a different textural fabric or a softer approach to the trend. Tone down the harsh contrasting pattern instead, and opt for two tones that are similar, like this chevron waves mat.

Primary colours
6-Red-Trend.jpgRed on red on red was a big trend in the early 2000s, which saw kitchen splashbacks, tiles, rugs and accent decorations all sporting this bold colour. However, red can be a polarising colour and can start to become gaudy when overdone.

There has been a noticeable shift towards natural colours, materials and textures, to promote lighter and brighter homes.

6-Soft-Colour-Palette-Kitchen.jpgThe update:
Softer colours bring calm and serenity to a home and also work well to make a space look brighter. But you can still have fun with colour – like this pop of blue in the kitchen.

7-Potpourri.jpgReminiscent of grandma’s house, potpourri doesn’t have a place on display in Australian homes anymore. There are many more stylish ways to scent your home!

7-Soy-Candle.jpgThe update:
Replace potpourri with a gorgeous soy candle or reed diffuser.

Having excess things on display
8-Clutter.jpgA minimalistic approach to decorating has taken hold in recent times, and we’re not mad about it! Lots of clutter from random knick-knacks is a trend we would rather leave behind... Especially when it comes to the kitchen!

Where once you had utensils, spice racks, kettles, toasters, appliances, fruit bowls, calendars and other trinkets out on display, now better storage and less clutter is the go.

8-Kitchen-storage.jpgThe update:
Keep clutter to a minimum by simplifying the number of things you have out on display.

You may need to reassess your kitchen layout and storage options, or if a kitchen reno is not an option, simply doing a massive spring clean to get rid of things you no longer need can be a good way to find extra space.

9-Tablecloth.jpgThe dining table is much more than just a place to sit down for a meal nowadays. It’s a hub to get homework done, sit with your family and friends, or family game night, which makes table cloths a bit fiddly for every day use.

Don't get us wrong, tablecloths definitely have their time and place in the home! They're great for when you're entertaining and need to just chuck it in the wash afterwards. However, lace, chintz or plastic ones that are always out can make your home look dated.

9-Table.jpgThe update:
Simplify your décor because a quality dining table shouldn’t be hidden by a tablecloth. Simply opting for placemats to protect the surface of the table rather than a table cloth, will be enough.

Vertical blinds
10-Vertical-blinds.jpgA staple in every 60s, 70s, 80s and early 2000s home, vertical blinds are the quickest way to make your home feel stuck in the past.

10-Curtains.jpgThe update:
There are plenty of options on the market no matter your budget for up-to-date window dressings. From shutters, to curtains, to blinds and venetians, it is amazing how transformative they can be for a space.

What do you think of our list? Do you agree or disagree with some of the trends we mentioned?

Photos sourced from Pinterest.

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