5 Minutes with Bridget Donnelly

28 Jul 2020

You make no secret of your North Coastal expertise. What are some unique advantages to buying in your areas?

The northern coast were I sell is great as every thing is so close now, it has great schools, parks, shopping and most of all beautiful beaches. This area is very family orientated and is growing very fast!
The past few months have obviously forced many of us in the industry to change the way we do things; often to an even more digitally-based approach. How have these aspects of Real Estate changed from when you first started?

Things are always changing in are industry, so we have to learn to adapt very quickly. I thinks some of these changes are good for us! For one it helps us and the environment a lot with less paper, and contracts can be done via DocuSign these days. This is great especially when clients are out of town. It gives clients more freedom to read over there contract in there own time and space.

What’s an aspect of Real Estate from when you started that you feel should be reinforced or reintroduced?

I feel keeping in touch with your clients is very important and especially with things changing more, I believe clients need more reassuring on how you can do the best job and knowing that you are doing everything you can for them. I believe we need to be more active on how we deal with both sellers and buyers, and be more knowledgeable on how the market is changing.
WA’s Real Estate numbers had been modest for quite some time even before COVID-19, but nonetheless were on a slow recovery. Do you expect that recovery to pick up where it left off as we return to normal?

I don’t think it will ever be that normal we have all been used to before. While it’s still not a great market, it’s now almost normal in terms of volume, so there is still plenty of buyers out there if we just have more stock. The market will work itself out like it always does!
Lastly, what are some of your interests outside of work?

I love taking my huskie for long walks on the beach, and catching up with friends for coffee, I also love doing yoga!  

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