5 Minutes with Gen Bartlett

24 Mar 2020

This week, we take this segment from company veteran to fresh new face! No less someone with with the experience and expertise of Gen. Having started her Real Estate career in 2007, she has seen success and awards both regionally in the Pilbara, and throughout the metro area over the last 5 years...


1. What did you do before entering Real Estate?

I was an account manager for a printing company and a wedding and portrait photographer, but I always had a passion for real estate.

2. As someone who spent a while working in the Pilbara, what are some of the challenges/rewards of working regional?

Being remote, shopping is always a challenge but the small town community is awesome! Everyone looks out for each other and going about my day to day business, everyone was always welcoming.

3. What are some tried and true practices that stand the test of time among an ever-changing business world?

To always give my clients the best possible service and communication at all times, to go that extra mile that others are not doing. I find I get a lot of repeat business from this practice.

4. Many of your listings come from a quite far-reaching Northern corridor. How do you find the progress of these areas in terms of infrastructure, population etc?

We are a fast growing area with many new estates. These have opened up a lot more infrastructure to the families living here; new schools, shops and public transport – I love living in this vibrant area. 

5. What are some interests outside of work? 

I love the beach and anything to do with the ocean, cray fishing, swimming or just taking my dogs to the beautiful dog beach. Taking in this beautiful place we live in is amazing.

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