5 Minutes with Jeff Coghill

18 Mar 2020

As of this week, we've begun a new segment on our social media platforms, and here in our blog, where we speak to any and all employees of the Peard Group, and run a feature based on questions unique to them.

Today we kick it off with our legend of Hillarys, Jeff Coghill! 


1. What changes have you had to adapt to in your years as an agent?

31 years ago in 1989 everything was done manually. Researching property using Tax Maps and Shire Records, no mobile phones; you would carry a pocket of 20 cent pieces around to use phone boxes while you were out in the field, then technology hit and the Pager allowed you to be contactable in most places, quite strangely, they didn’t work in the front bar of hotels! 

We would derive 50% of our income from showing buyers around, you would take up to 4 buyers a day out in your car with you after making handmade lists and maps of properties to show them most were multi-listed with REIWA, and you would access them via a lock box installed on the property. Listings were then faxed to REIWA and newspaper advertising was placed over the phone then read back to you as a proof. Now the digital age with the smartphone the internet and all the different sources of information, has made everything available at you finger tips.I think the simplicity offered a more personal approach. 

2. Obviously the past few years have presented some challenges in the market, is this unlike any other time or have you seen it all before?

Over the years there has been many challenges and massive highs and lows. I’ve have been told 3 times over my career that you will never see growth like this again, and I believe this about to happen for a 4th time with the Perth market starting to shape up for some good traditional growth. The COVID-19 saga being just another section on the wild rollercoaster ride of Real Estate and life that we will all work through! 

3. What’s an aspect of Real Estate from when you started that you feel should be reinforced or reintroduced?

I think as a whole the industry has been heading in the right direction with the introduction of legislation, licensing and CPD's is making it difficult for the lazy and unscrupulous, and giving further opportunity to those that are genuinely upholding professionalism and have a strong vision of Real Estate as a career. 

4. Your area of Hillarys has been a Perth favourite for as long as many can remember, how do you see it evolving in the future?

I believe Hillarys offers a lot more infrastructure and recreational/social opportunities than a lot of other more expensive coastal suburbs. Hillarys will continue to mature and become even more popular in the years to come. 

5. What’s your ideal weekend off?

My weekends are generally on a Thursday or Friday. The ideal weekend consists of going out at sunrise to pull out my Craypots then heading out to a secret spot to catch a Dhufish. After that, it's home to cook them up on the BBQ, followed by a bike ride to the beach for a swim, then home to the pool and relaxing under the patio with my wife Trudi and our two pet Galah’s Pinkie boy and Patsy Girl. 🦜 All while taking in just how lucky we are! 

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