5 Minutes with Shaun Pettit

06 May 2020

Shaun is one of our most experienced agents and absolutely dominates the northern suburbs on a regular basis! Consistently featuring in both company and state overall sales rankings, Shauns knowledge is certainly something you'll want a piece of! 

1. You make no secret of your Northern Suburbs expertise. What are some unique advantages to buying in your areas? 

Balcatta and Stirling are strong, family-based areas that have an abundance of parks and open spaces. They are pleasant areas to have a family grow up with plenty of space for all activities while still being very close to Perth and our wonderful beaches. There is also plenty of choice for shopping, socialising and eating out within very easy reach.
2. The past few months have obviously forced many of us in the industry to change the way we do things; often to an even more digitally-based approach. How have these aspects of Real Estate changed from when you first started? 

There was no internet, computers or email when I started in real estate and in some ways the older way was better. Real estate is such a feelings-based transaction that having good contact and face to face communication with people made it less daunting for most clients. I deal with a lot of people that only buy and sell rarely so they need more attention. It is all too easy to send a text or email and loose the personal touch that helps facilitate a smooth transaction.


3. What’s an aspect of Real Estate from when you started that you feel should be reinforced or reintroduced? 

Full market knowledge. I had to see every home that came for sale in my area so as to provide accurate price feedback to sellers. It is too easy to hide behind the computer screen and believe you know everything about a property. To be professional you should know your market completely.
4. WA’s Real Estate numbers had been modest for quite some time even before COVID-19, but nonetheless were on a slow recovery. Do you expect that recovery to pick up where it left off as we return to normal?  

I believe that we will be back on the road soon and there is every chance that we will see prices increase in the short term. There are less properties available, interest rates are cheap and rents are on the increase which will bring the investors back into play. These are all major factors that will put positive pressure on house prices. Not a boom just yet but certainly more active.

5. Lastly, what’s your ideal weekend? (restrictions not included!)  

My ideal weekend would be travelling or fishing! From a real estate perspective though it would be having some quiet time in the morning with family, maybe the beach or park. 4 home opens each day with moderate well qualified buyer traffic. Dealing with say 2 buyers each day to help them secure their new property. Then a pleasant evening at home or out for a catch up with friends.

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