5 quick and easy tabletop decorations for Christmas

28 Nov 2019

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re hosting Christmas day at your place this year, here are some quick and easy, festive decoration tips that are sure to impress your guests!

Candle decorated with gum leaves

Get the kids involved with this one and scout some fallen eucalyptus leaves at your local park. Secure the leaves around the outside of candles with a ribbon of your choice and you have a quirky tabletop decoration! Remember, as with all candles, to keep an eye on them.

Bouquets of native flowers

Arrange a natural bouquet of eucalyptus leaves, gum nuts and banksia flowers arranged using cute, mismatched jars and vases. Depending on the shape of your table, you can stagger them down the table, or cluster them as a centre piece. We recommend cutting the flowers and branches down to size so people can see over them easily.

Simple styling using lights

Not into the whole native flower thing? If simplicity is more your style, light up your Christmas table using fairy lights coiled inside glass lanterns or jars. This look is especially effective at Christmas dinner, with the main lights in the room dimmed.

Pine cone Christmas trees

How cute are these mini Christmas trees fashioned out of pine cones? All you’ll need is a few pine cones of varying shapes and sizes, small jars to stand them in and card board cut outs of a star to top them off (templates can be found on the internet or you can buy from a decoration store).

Have the kids decorate the stars with glitter, paint or sequins, and for an added touch of festive cheer you can even spray paint the pine cones in silver or gold. With an adult’s supervision, use a hot glue gun to secure the dried cardboard stars to the top of the pine cones.

Beach inspired Christmas jars

Since we celebrate Christmas in the middle of summer in Australia, we love the idea of incorporating beach sand into our centre pieces. Collect enough sand to cover the bottom of a few jars from the beach (or a nearby sandpit), and add little details like a Christmas tree decoration, or baubles.

The kids will love designing their own little terrarium-style decoration!

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