5 reasons to sell in autumn

01 Mar 2019

Can you believe that summer is officially over? We always look forward to the time autumn rolls around on the real estate calendar... After the summer months and busy festive period, the new season is a welcome change, and typically brings with it, an increase in buyer activity.

With that said, here are some reason's this might be the perfect time to sell!

1. Have your home sold before winter
If you’re keen to sell your current property and get into a new home by winter, chances are there are other people out there thinking the exact same thing! Autumn presents the perfect opportunity to get your home sold before the winter months and we find that the buyers out and about in autumn are more genuine too, because there isn’t much time to waste.

2. Perfect house-hunting weather
We love autumn weather! The days cool down, but the sun is still shining, which we think is the perfect combination to show off your property to potential buyers. Weather can affect home open numbers significantly – too hot or too wet and cold, and you'll get plenty of people deciding to skip the house hunting altogether.


3. Great time for the garden
Perth summer isn’t always the kindest to our garden. Scorching days and water restrictions can leave the lawn and  garden looking a little sad, and probably doesn’t show them in the best light. Autumn weather can help bring the garden back to life. Nothing screams "too much work" like a dying garden, so use these autumn weeks to get your lawn and garden looking fabulous!

4. We're over the silly season (well and truly)
Our summer is our holiday period, which  naturally means many of us are less interested in moving to a new house and more interested in celebrating with friends and family! It's also a time many people take a break and go travelling. On top of all of that,  there's  plenty of public holidays - which can be tricky to work around if you’re trying to sell.

However, in autumn, we’re back into the swing of things. The kids are well and truly back to school and this is typically the time that we see a much more concerted effort to make those new year’s resolutions to buy a property, a reality. The bonus of many people taking time off during summer is that they’ve had more down time to discuss their property goals for the year, so it’s a great time to see if your property fits the bill.

5. Get in before the sport season hits
We’re a nation of sport lovers, and once winter rolls around, we find ourselves more and more inclined to tune into AFL games and the like, rather than heading out to home opens. While it's true that a serious buyer will attend a home open regardless of what else is on, you’ll certainly find autumn is where you’ll have a greater amount of interest.



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