A burst of colour

07 Jan 2019

Beautiful tile work has been the inspiration for artists for over 4,000 years and now it’s working its way back into Australian kitchens and bathrooms. If you are renovating before you sell, antique tiles create a European vibe with unique colours and patterns that will set your home apart. If you are a keen traveller, decorating with tiles can be an authentic way to incorporate your collection into your home. The key is to use the tiles sparingly, choose the right size and colour of tiles, and the type of space you choose to decorate. However, the most important part is to get creative and and incorporate your personality!

Check out the below for some colourful inspiration!

The kitchen back-splash
When it comes to decorating the kitchen, many people are afraid of using colour. Instead of sticking to neutrals, pick two or three colours that will work well with your furniture. Blue and white is a simple way to give your kitchen personality.

Related image Image result for moroccan kitchen
image: thebigtileco.co.uk

Bathroom boarders
Looking for something simple? Try using a Turkish tile as a boarder around your sink. By keeping it simple you can play with a variety of colours. Or, if love intricate patterns you can use Moroccan tiles to bring an

element of luxury to your bathroom.  A popular technique is to incorporate a modern bathtub with black and white tiles. Image result for moroccan bathroom splashback

If you’re feeling adventurous…
Why not decorate your entire bathroom to reflect your creativity and sense of adventure? By keeping the colours light you can
make the space appear bigger and modern.

Looking for a cheap alternative?
Instead of spending on handmade or print screen tiles, a cheap and easy way is to stencil the patterns with paint. A wide range
ofTurkish and Moroccan stencils.


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