All eyes on the West as an influx of workers arrives

02 Mar 2023

Western Australia – Welcome to your new home away from home
With Western Australia about to receive an influx of skilled workers at all levels of expertise, including teachers, police officers, nurses, midwives, doctors, dentists, mechanics, builders, plumbers, and those with experience in the mining and hospitality sectors from the State Government’s labour recruitment drive, the housing market will definitely reap the rewards, both in the city centres and equally the regional areas.


Our salaries here in WA are often more than 50 per cent higher than the average English salary for the same occupation.
Compared to the UK and Ireland, WA offers significant lifestyle advantages and much lower cost of living. Not to mention, Perth alone boasts around 3,200 hours of sunshine annually! A major draw card for those coming from the cooler parts of the world.
The State Government’s mission is to sell WA as ‘the ideal sea change’ to the UK through strategic marketing campaigns like ‘Build a Life in WA’, ‘Discover the Other Side, Western Australia’, ‘Let’s Join Forces – Western Australian Police Force’, ‘Migration Services’, ‘Teach Out West’ and the $300,000 ‘Western Australia – It’s Like No Other’ campaign.
‘Build a Life in WA Campaign’ -
‘Discover the Other Side, Western Australia’ campaign – Hospitality jobs -
‘Discover the Other Side, Western Australia’ campaign – Tourism jobs -
‘Teach in Western Australia’ -
‘Western Australia – It’s Like No Other’ campaign -
Local mining companies are also on a recruitment drive, Mineral Resources, which is based in Perth, launched an advertising campaign to entice New Zealanders to work in Western Australia with salaries of up to $300,000.
Check out the Mineral Resources campaign here.
Mining jobs pay an average of $140,000 for a full-time worker, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. There are more than 60,000 FIFO workers in Western Australia who fly into remote work sites for mining, oil and gas projects across the state.
The campaigns will undoubtedly attract many skilled workers from overseas, and they’ll all need somewhere to live.
How Peard assisted in finding a home for FIFO workers
We recently connected with a recruitment agency to provide accommodation to new staff working for mining companies. These staff are new to the country, having been recruited for their talents and start a FIFO life in Perth. They now join our group 3,000 happy tenants. We have offered them quality housing and introduced them to the rental market in Western Australia. Without the connection to the recruitment agency, they may not have stood a chance to rent a home in WA given the high demand and low vacancy rates we’re currently facing.
What suburbs are popular among the FIFO community to rent?
Anything close to the airport or public transport.  They also prefer low maintenance “lock and leave” properties.
Are there options for subletting between swings?
No, there is no subletting between swings. The tenant remains on the lease and subletting is not allowed without prior permission and agreement from the owner or the property.
How we can assist other recruitment agencies find homes for their employees?
We recommend the Recruiters reach out and physically meet Property Managers and/or agency owners. Face to face communication is still the best way to stand out in a crowd.
Can a FIFO worker keep a pet in a rental?
Provided the pet won’t be left unattended while the FIFO tenant is away on site, pets will be considered.
What is the process for an overseas tenant looking to do FIFO? 
Recruiters are actively advertising for FIFO employees in other countries due to Australia’s current skills shortage. Any potential renter/employee would be best to keep an eye on their local media/social media and reach out to a recruitment agency in Perth to assist with the transition of employment and housing.

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