Australia's most haunted houses

31 Oct 2019

The idea of ‘haunted’ houses has existed for many years and whether you believe the notion or not, the tales behind these places will send shivers down your spine. And you might be interested to know that one of these spooky-properties is situated just on our door step!
Monte Cristo- Junee N.S.W

With 10 ghostly entities to its credit, Monte Cristo holds the famous reputation as Australia's most haunted private residence.  A real life ‘house of horrors’ , highlighting terrible stories of murder, suicide, torture and insanity- all a significant part of its history. From the moment current owners Reg and Olive Ryan moved into the house in 1963, they were aware of their ‘other’ housemates, with strange lights appearing in rooms despite the electricity not being connected.  The residence exterior appears beautiful along with its tranquil setting, but claims of pure evil lie beneath the renovated and decorated interior. Haunted tours are run daily for those seeking a scary-adventure.


The Penitentiary Chapel- Hobart

Situated on the corner of Brisbane and Campbell Streets in Hobart, Tasmania, the Penitentiary Chapel was built in the early 1830.
Originally designed as a Chapel for the growing male convict population in Hobart Town, there was also the inclusion of 36 solitary confinement punishment cells.  As if that notion is not creepy enough!
The cold, concrete cells were unlit and poorly ventilated, constructed beneath the Chapel floor. In late 1859 the Nave and Eastern Transept of the Chapel were converted into two Supreme Criminal Courts. The western transept remained to  become a Gaol Chapel with an Execution Yard and Gallows attached.
Today the Penitentiary Chapel Historic Site remains a fascinating insight into Colonial Tasmania. Though architecturally impressive, don’t let its exterior fool you - this was a grim and gruesome place which few came out alive from.



OakabellOkabella.pnga Homestead- W.A

Often said to be the most haunted house in Western Australia, this homestead is located between Geraldton and Northampton. There has been much reported paranormal activity at Oakabella, doors opening and closing on their own, the feeling of a 'presence', strange lights, smells and temperature drops.

The Homestead sits on 50,000 acres of land and was built in 1851. The interior resembles that of a museum- untouched for many years. There are stories of curses, death, strange accidents, great sickness, affairs and a murders that make up the homestead history. Some believe this place is a spiritual portal- a place built on native sacred ground that is a "magnet" for spiritual energy. So much so, that the current care taker dreamt of a similar homestead as a child and believes she was bought to the place by a spiritual pull.  

Duntroon House- Canberra

Who said Canberra was boring? There are haunted houses!

Duntroon House in the nation's capital has a special place in the Australian Army's heritage.
Not only is it the first home, built in 1833, on the Limestone Plains, now Canberra, but it has stood as the central and a revered feature of the Royal Military College, established in 1911 to train the Army's permanent force officers.

But that’s not all it considered ‘special ‘for… Despite its beautiful and significant importance to Australian Military History, some have dubbed this house Canberra’s most haunted.
During the 1970s, residents of the Royal Military College started to report glimpses of a glowing ghost of a young woman in a 19th-century period dress. Soon after, some residents also complained about a room with some unusual activity; Beds that were made in the room would appear slept in at the end of the day despite no one being in there.

This room in question once belonged to Sophia Susanna Campbell  who, on May 31,1985 , aged just 28, died after falling from the room's window. Speculation to this day remains as to whether she was pushed, jumped or accidently fell. It has been reported that on many occasions windows mysteriously open in her locked room. In recent months, the vision of a lady in a white dress has been seen wandering aimlessly through the gardens.

Old Melbourne Gaol - Melbourne

If we think about famous Australians who have passed, it's hard to beat Ned Kelly. He, along with many other unpleasant characters, was executed inside the walls of the Old Melbourne Gaol.
Today, the gaol is a major tourist attraction, with many paranormal enthusiasts claiming that the property is haunted by the men that died there.  If the creepy- morbid memorabilia of the prisoners and staff, including death masks of the executed criminals doesn’t send shivers down your spine,  the reported voices coming from cells will.

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