Autum decor trends

17 Mar 2023

Autumn is just around the corner so we're getting in early and making some decor predictions for this season latest interior looks.  A change of season is a fabulous time to add a few new touches to your home that can totally transform a space and breathe some new life in…

Here are 3 trends we're predicting to see this autumn! 

Magenta statement pieces 

Pantone (the universal language of colour) dubbed 2023's colour of the year's 'Viva Magenta' – so we’re going to predict the obvious here... we reckon we will be seeing some magenta pieces making waves. It’s the perfect colour to add statement but also creates an element of warmth in a space.

How to use the colour? Go big – think; sofa, large area rug or a feature chair.

We love The Bayton 3 seater  (pictured below!)

Affordable and stylish this sofa will make a stylish statement without breaking the bank!



Out with white walls

Time to repaint? We’re moving away from crisp white walls and recommending indulgent, rich tones like dirty peach. Earthy tones have been trending for well over a year now as we embrace "getting back to nature" and we think this trend isn't going anywhere soon..


Groovy baby, the 70’s are back!
It's not just about making our homes look great but to comfortable too-  and style of 1970's  really rings true to this. We’re talking 7vintage coffee tables, lamps and yep, you guessed it velvet! 

The biggest tip we have here is to use this trend as an accessory - rather than styling your home with retro furniture. 


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