Buying a Home - I just don't get it!

10 Jul 2019

You’re in your mid 20’s. You’ve found a little downtime at work and decided to have a scroll through Insta. Lo and behold, yet another couple you know are posing in front of the sold sign, keys in hand, ready to start their life of adulting. However, it’s not the couple themselves that get to you. You’re happy to see (mostly) good people live out a dream. What gets to you is the feeling that you’re still an eternity away. Besides insecure work and questionable spending choices, you simply haven’t entered that world. Smashed avo jokes aside, the thought of agent meetings, mountains of paperwork, and massive loans makes your head spin. Words like appraisal, equity and zoning are words you pretend to understand but have no idea about. It’s just all too much.


It’s no secret that for young people looking to buy a home, certain realities are faced that were not faced by previous generations. Skyrocketing prices, increased cost of living and uncontrollable urban sprawl just to name a few. It’s not uncommon to feel a sense of helplessness and just check out of the process without even having started. This is how it’s so simple to go so many years knowing nothing about the first home buyer’s process. You spend so much time thinking it’s impossible, that you ignore the information and opportunities telling you it is possible!

If there’s anything on the business end we can say to anyone feeling this way, this is it.

It’s fine. Knowing the terms and understanding the process is our job, and it’s also our job to teach you. After all, the agent wants to sell you a house! Rest assured they’ll be happy to talk you through even the most elementary aspects of Home Buying. We understand, in Perth especially, that with different generations come different priorities. We don’t expect younger buyers to consider themselves the esteemed property guru who tracks every whim of the market.

No matter what your situation, this is something worth knowing about. What doesn’t apply to you now could very well apply to you in the future. Before you know it, you’ll have grown out of bad habits, have a decent amount of savings behind you and wish you knew all this sooner! So don’t be afraid to take the plunge. We won’t bite!

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