Buying a house with a pool…

30 Jan 2019

Aussies love their pools! And in Perth, we’ve got great reason to, with all the glorious weather we get to enjoy throughout the year. As real estate agents, we get to know what buyers want in a home pretty well, and increasingly, pools are becoming high on the must- have list.

With that said, pools are a long-term investment with ongoing costs, so if you are buying a home with a pool, make sure you ask the right questions to ensure you are not purchasing one that has passed it use-by date.

There are two key things to look out for if buying a house with a pool…


A pool could have leaks within the pipes and filter equipment, or in the pool itself, identifying this is important. While you will most likely need an expert to confirm a leak, a general guide is to look at the water levels at the filter box. If the water levels have dropped below the filter box, you may be dealing with a leak.

Check the paving around the pool and look for any sinking, moving or cracking which could indicate a leak within the pool itself.

FIBERGLASS POOLS  Small and large bubbles on the surface mean water is getting behind the fibreglass coat and retaining water. This will almost always result in a leak down the line.  Faded and worn surfaces should also be a red flag

CONCRETE  This may sound obvious, but take a close look at all the surfaces for any cracks in the concrete, missing or chipped render, missing tiles, or faded and worn surfaces.
Like many things, swimming pools have a use-by date, and there comes a time when they will need some serious work or require to be removed altogether. When purchasing a home with a pool, thinking long-term in important…

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