Coastal Suburbs Renting

13 Jan 2020

According to data, Western Australia is one of the most affordable places to rent in the entire country! As it warms up, you’ll be pleased to know that many of our coastal suburbs are well and truly included in this trend. As of the July/September quarter last year, every single one of the 10 most affordable coastal suburbs sit at a median rent price of under $300 a week! As controversial as our urban sprawl may be, its certainly contributed to the vast amount of coastal options both north and south. In this blog, we take a look at everything great about these bargain locations…
Shoalwater/Safety Bay
It’s the best kept secret of the Rockingham area. Home to the famous penguin Island, Shoalwater beach provides a peaceful alternative to more crowded beaches in the area. The views of the various islands just off the coast also paints a welcome contrast to the industrial backdrops of more central beaches in the area. Fishing is always a breeze with a small jetty at the start of the bay, along with parks both along the coastline and further inland. It’s not all just vacation-type stuff either! The Shoalwater/Safety Bay area just on its own is full of the essentials you need; schools, shops, cafes, sports clubs and more should provide you with the perfect coastal community you’re after.

These suburbs may not have you overlooking the Indian Ocean the moment you step outside your front door, but a hop, skip and jump across Marmion Ave will have you soaking up the sun at Quinns Beach in no time! All three of these places are great examples of how much you can save by just going one suburb further inland. Not to mention Butler has had its train station at the end of the Joondalup line for a few years now, so you’re every bit as connected to the rest of Perth as anywhere more central.
Mandurah/Falcon/Silver Sands
The 21st century has seen a transformation in the Mandurah area unlike any other. What was once a quiet coastal getaway for fisherman and holidaymakers is now a metropolitan hub as large and as vibrant as any in Perth. However, the real charm of this area is the way in which it accommodates all types of people looking to establish their roots there, while still maintaining the natural wonder that made it such an appealing coastal getaway all those years ago. Detractors may point to a town that’s lost its way and resembles nothing of what it used to be, but all it means is that there’s enough infrastructure and utilities for people to make this great place somewhere to live and not just visit!

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