Creating a cosy home this winter

28 May 2019

We look at some simple ways to create that extra cosy feeling in your home this winter…

GettyImages-931148490.jpgDecorate with warm colours
Think fire-hued tones such as gold, red and orange to give an instantly cosy feel to a space. If you have white walls accessorising with rugs, throws and cushions in these colours will be particularly effective.
The power of the “throw”
Drape thick warm throws on top of chairs and sofas. Aside from their obvious function, they create illusion of warmth. Try faux-fur - the plush texture screams "high end" while providing warmth—aesthetically and in reality.
Cover the floors
Hardwood floors and tiles are fantastic for summer but can be very unwelcoming during the cooler months. Try placing rugs throughout that house especially around furniture to keep your toes nice and warm. Visually, they can also be affective in creating warmth.
Is your couch or dining table next to a large window? Consider investing in some insulated window treatments to take away the chills. Long, heavy curtains are a great way of stopping the heat escaping through windows.
Close off any rooms that are not in use
Furniture can't feel the cold so why waste energy heating areas that you're not using? Closing off rooms that are not in use will keep the heat in your living area for a lot longer.
Add some glow
If you have a fireplace, there is no better way to warm up a home. But don’t stress, candles on a coffee table or kitchen bench can be just as effective visually. The flickering light reflects intimacy and warmth, creating a very similar atmosphere. They are the ultimate mood setter and won’t break the bank!
Soothing, warm scents such as cinnamon, apple and pine will do wonders for the feel of your home.

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