Does your real estate agency have a cyber policy?

16 Jun 2023

With so many major cyber fraud cases in Australia, it’s a timely reminder to remain diligent with your personal information.   At the same, it’s worthwhile considering whether the businesses you choose to trust are also taking the right steps to protect your data (and their own) to ensure they continue to service clients. 


At Peard Real Estate we’ve been all about digital innovation for years now and we're committed to keeping things running smoothly even when they go haywire. We're referring to major system crashes, scams, computer failures and uh… a world pandemic? No one saw that one coming, did they?

When choosing a real estate agency to sell your largest asset, it’s worthwhile understanding their cyber policy to ensure they could continue to service your property needs should they be hit by a cyber-attack.

We take business continuity seriously and have a comprehensive plan in place that includes both onsite and offsite backups – and this plan is forever evolving, reviewedregularly by our COO and awesome IT team. ]Being prepared for the worst has paid off in the past few years – we've been able to adapt quickly to sudden changes like snap lockdowns and fraudulent activity in our accounts. 

Here are some questions you could ask your agency:

1. When possible, do you use two-factor authentication?

2. Are your employees trained in recognising phishing emails?

3. Does every company device have antivirus and malware software installed?

4. Do You encrypt databases and customer Information?

You can learn more about cyber crime and recommendations from the AFP on their website. 

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