Family friendly style

02 Apr 2019

Living with little ones (and furry friends) while keeping a stylish home can be hard work, but it’s not impossible... You can still create a fashionable home that’s functional and family friendly

Here some tips that may help!

Practical palettes

High contrast patterns and colours are your best friend here. You can go bright and bold or choose lighter, more natural tone variations – what will be the key to masking everyday wear and those little accidents, is patterns. Even better, are textured items.If you want to feature block colours, avoid them in large items such as in your rugs or sofas. Instead, incorporate them with cushions or small décor objects that can be cleaned or replaced easily.

Functional flooring

Anyone that has small children or pets, knowns clean floors are somewhat of a foreign concept. With that in mind, hard flooring such a tiles or floorboards can make cleaning much easier. On the flipside, they are far less forgiving on little hands and keens. Bumps and falls are inviable – so if you are opting for comfort over what’s easier to clean, then choose a carpet or rug that’s soft but also cleans well. We recommend rugs and carpets made of nylong as they provide great stain resistance. Stay away from wool – unless choosing a natural fiber is on top of your list.

Keep items out of reach

If you’re keen to display delicate items such as ornaments, glass candles or photo frames – consider placing within view but out of reach. Shelving units or floating shelves can work well.

You should also apply this logic to other spaces such as your kitchen, bathroom and laundry.


Storage is your best friend! Invest in boxes or baskets to keep items in place and large toy chests which make for a quick tidy up when unexpected visitors come over. You may even opt for a storage ottoman for the kids items in the living space, as the piece will serve two useful functions!

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