Have a very Merry ‘Sustainable’ Christmas

08 Nov 2022

If it feels like a drag dusting off those boxes of Christmas decorations tored at the back corner of the shed or storage cupboard and decorating your home and tree in the same way you have every year, why not break from tradition and choose a more sustainable option and have fun while you’re decorating?

Here are 5 ideas to stand out this Christmas while being environmentally responsible


The driftwood or reclaimed wood tree

Who doesn’t love a walk along our amazing coastline, picking up natural treasures like driftwood branches, shells and washed-up pieces of coloured, naturally weathered beach glass. Especially as we’re so spoilt for beaches living in Australia. Or has Grandad got any old wood in his back shed? Reclaimed wood or ‘barn’ wood, makes the perfect alternative. Get the kids off their devices this weekend and see what you can find to make your very own uniquely.


The Festively Fruity Pineapple Tree

How fun is this idea? If you live in an apartment or are a bit lacking on space but still want to decorate your home, try this out and see how creative you can be. Your guests will be amazed and bedazzled, plus, if you get hungry … you have a healthy snack to serve!


The Rosemary Tree - A tree that keeps on giving!

Living trees produce oxygen, suck up carbon dioxide, and are a pleasant sight all year round, even without the Christmas decorations. You get to keep that natural tree look and smell year after year. These living Christmas trees are usually pretty small, but you can use that to your advantage: you don’t need so many decorations, and you can put one (or why not, 2 or 3) in each room or decorate your outdoor space. Snip a few sprigs off to add to your barbecued lamb – the perfect combination!


The Succulent Stunner

Succulents have their own unique appearance; they are hardy and versatile and incredibly popular among green thumbs and not so green thumbs. With the warm Australian summers, these plants are ideal as they tolerate drought and make excellent indoor plants/Christmas table centrepieces.
Best Succulent to use
  • Echeveria elegans
  • Ghost-plant
  • Jade plant
  • Aeonium
  • Sempervivum
  • Sedum
  • Crassula

The Recycled Paperback Christmas Tree

If you’ve got a stash of books that you’re not reading, why not try making one of these decorative folded paperback Christmas trees? They’re easy to make, and affordable. It’s even a great craft to do with your kids, although we recommend letting an adult do the cutting with a Stanley knife. Or if you would like to try an alternative, why not try a rolled version?

If you’re feeling crafty this Christmas and you want to show off your creations, we would love to see what you create. Take a picture and tag us in your post with the hashtag #peardrealestatechristmas

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