How selling in winter can work in your favour

20 Jun 2018

531010009-735x450.jpgWhen debating the best time to sell your home, spring is often the most favoured season.
During springtime, everything appears that little bit nicer around the home – gardens are greener, pools are cleaner and outdoor entertaining areas appear brighter. Not to mention, you should attract more attendees to home opens as the weather are more pleasant for viewing property.
While spring puts up a good argument, there is one huge drawback to selling during spring – everyone else is doing it too!
The property market is usually flooded with properties, which means your property will have to compete for buyer attention.
Next comes summer, which typically signals a slight slowdown in the property market, as a lot of people wind down for the holiday season.
Many would-be sellers, buyers and agents often take vacations during this period so naturally we see less activity. Summer can also take its toll on gardens with properties appearing a little ‘under the weather’ during this period.
When it comes to winter and autumn, traditionally these cooler and wetter months are not popular among sellers and buyers, but there are a few things to consider before turning your back on this time of year.
Perfect sale time for changeover buyers
While selling in winter may go against popular opinion, it can be the wisest time for anyone planning to buy in spring.
If you’re a changeover buyer who is looking to upgrade or downsize, selling your existing property on delayed settlement terms in winter can put you in prime position for buying in spring when a large volume of stock comes onto the market.
People buy all year round
Even though the winter property season is a more subdued time, this period can still generate some surprises and opportunities.
Essentially, people need to sell houses and apartments at all times of the year. Therefore, during winter plenty of people are still looking for property to invest or live in. A chill in the air will never deter a motivated buyer – if someone genuine about buying they will search rain, hail or shine!
More serious buyers
If you’re selling in the winter, it is critical to make the property as welcoming as possible, so people want to come inside.
With typically less stock available, the winter market attracts more genuine buyers, some who might be more prepared to compromise on their preferences if they want to buy in a certain area. It is also unlikely winter-time vendors will see as many half-hearted prospective buyers who are “just looking around.” The buyers at this time of the year are far more likely to have their finance approved and be ready to bid.
While there are some pros and cons to consider when selling at any time of the year, often the final decision will come down to your own personal circumstances and that’s where an informed agent will be able to help with your decision.


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