How to refresh your interior style for autumn

29 Feb 2024

As the season changes, it's the perfect time for a seasonal update in your home decor. Say goodbye to the brightness of summer and get ready to embrace the cool and cosy vibes of autumn.

Enter...  Hygge design! Hygge, a Danish term pronounced as "hue-gah," has surged in popularity over the years. It embodies a sense of cosiness, warmth, and togetherness, crafting a serene space that invites you to cherish simple moments.

Embrace Darker Tones: With summer's brightness behind us, now is the time to embrace darker hues. Set aside lighter shades and opt for deep, rich colors like plum, burgundy, and mustard. These saturated tones add intensity to your space, setting a moody tone for the cooler months ahead.


Embrace Layering: Draw inspiration from your wardrobe's seasonal changes and opt for oversized, warm, and comfortable interiors. Start with chunky furniture pieces like sofas and armchairs, then layer them with cushions and throws. Choose knitted or textured fabrics, such as boucle, to add depth and dimension to your space.

Mood lighting:  Ambiance is key to creating an incredible space, and lighting plays a crucial role. As daylight dwindles, incorporate cosy artificial lighting into your home. Consider elegant floor lamps and stylish table lamps to cast moody shadows. Opt for "warm" lightbulbs to avoid a clinical feel and ensure your lighting choice enhances the desired ambiance.


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