Is it time to make your move?

07 Feb 2018

Are you 'umming' and 'ahing' about putting your property on the market? Are yourself these four, simple questions...

Is your current property still meeting your needs?
One of the biggest reasons why people tend to move is because their current home is no longer meeting their needs. This will almost always depend on the stage of life that you’re in.

Need more space for your growing family or perhaps you’re the other way and your kids have flown the coop? Maybe you need extra room for your boat or want to move into a school’s catchment area. Whatever the reason, figure out how important it is to you and weigh up the pros and cons.

Does your property add to your lifestyle?
We believe you should love where you live, and a big part of that is the lifestyle factor. You’ll be aware of this if your long commute to work every morning is giving you a headache, or you’d love to trade your apartment for a home with a backyard. Ideally, your home should compliment the lifestyle you wish to live.

Of course, we know this can’t always be the case. If you’re just trying to get your foot in the door of the property market or are priced out of some markets, it’s understandable that you may have to compromise on lifestyle a bit. However, it’s always worth chatting to a Peard Real Estate Sales Associate or Property Manager who can help determine the best way to maximise your lifestyle for your budget – it can be easier than you think!

How is your suburb performing?
We always recommend keeping informed on the Western Australian and national property markets, to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity. Keeping up to date with our Premium Property News, market reports and sales data is a great way to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your property.

Always keep a keen eye on your suburb. If it’s experiencing high growth, now could be a great time to act to capitalise on the market. We recommend speaking with your local Peard Real Estate expert, who can help you make an informed decision about the market.

Is there an opportunity for you to take advantage of the market?
We are seeing upgraders becoming very active in the current market, due to low interest rates. Many can upgrade for below replacement costs, which is exciting.

There is also another opportunity downsizers (aged 65 and over) to make non-concessional (post-tax) contributions to their super of up to $300,000 from the sale of their property, from the 1st of July 2018.Click here to read more information about the scheme.

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