Liveability – The new best feature of your home

29 Aug 2019

Over the course of a weekend, the agents of Peard Real Estate work tirelessly with sellers to make sure the home they’re putting on show is absolutely perfect; surfaces spotless, furniture fashionable, and not a single toy on the floor for an unsuspecting visitor to go flying!

However, while all of this work is necessary, it’s also the only aspect of the listing that’s in the agent and sellers’ control, and lately, it’s what’s out of their control that’s the becoming the biggest factor when attracting buyers…


A large amount of price growth throughout the country at the moment is being attributed to “liveability”. This means buyers are prioritising a location in more established suburbs with necessary infrastructure over the features of the home itself. It could be as simple as making sure you’re close to good shops and supermarkets, or being near public transport so your kids can get to and from school easily, but that’s not all!

It might be a surprise to find out that in our hyper-connected world, where it’s less necessary to communicate with those physically around you, many home buyers are incredibly passionate about the sense of community that exists in their potential area. They want a place where people look out for one another and get involved together; a place where friendships can be made and things can be borrowed and given back. Basically, they want a community they can be proud of, and the above can be achieved anywhere around Australia regardless of socioeconomic status.

Lastly, for many West Australians out in the suburbs, the dreams of cricket and barbeques in the backyard is sadly not a reality on smaller blocks where more vital means of living need to take priority. However, this doesn’t mean the aspiration goes out the window. Buyers are always after a home as close as possible to parks, green spaces, walking/cycle paths, and even beaches if they’re lucky enough. Places that promote a healthy, wholesome lifestyle suitable for families. Not to mention they need a place for the furry friends to run wild as well!

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