Looking through the eyes of your Property Manager

22 Jun 2022

With daily Covid numbers still averaging around 4,500 here in Perth, and in the aim of keeping both Property Managers and tenants safe, many real estate companies are opting to digitise the process of the tenant completing a Tenant Assisted Inspection of the property as opposed to the regular method of the Property Manager visiting the home to carry out the required inspection.

There are many apps out there which have made property management easier allowing for paperless leases, tenant inductions, condition reports, routine inspections plus many more features.

I’m a tenant, what do I do?
This is an opportunity for you as the tenant to inspect the property on behalf of your Property Manager and record its condition as well as add general comments and note any requests for maintenance to be reviewed by your Property Manager.

The process is straightforward; however, you must still complete the required cleaning, tidying and garden maintenance as you would for a normal in-person inspection.
Your real estate agency will send you an email with an inspection link included, you just click on it and follow the simple instructions before you start taking photos of the required spaces in your home including front entrants, passage ways, lounge, dining area, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry plus front and rear gardens.

While you are taking photos, you can also make comments, use talk to text, and make any suggestions or requests for property maintenance such as leaking taps, mould, loose tiles, or gutter cleaning.

Once the inspection is complete, your Property Manager will be notified on email.

All of the photos you have taken, comments and maintenance notes that you have captured at your property will be recorded in a standard routine report template for the Property Manager to forward onto the landlord.

I’m a Property Manager, what do I do?
This process will allow you to provide the same level of service to your landlord during these unusual times. You can thoroughly read the report from the safety of your office or at home, and proceed with arranging for any maintenance to be carried out.

What are the rules around maintenance and repairs?
Outlined here are the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety responsibilities of both the tenant and landlord.

By working together, you and your Property Manager can successfully undertake your routine inspection if you are in isolation by using available technology and collaboration towards a smooth tenancy.

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