Making a positive change in your new community

13 Jun 2022

Buying a house can not only positively impact the economy, but it can also make an impact your local community.

If the essence of your life is to serve others and do good, your new community is sure to benefit from your recent move. Consider the butterfly effect, even making a small difference can ripple outwards making a more significant change elsewhere. What better place than to start than in your new community.

Focus on your strengths and use them to impact others by volunteering your time and skills.
According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 3 in 10 people are volunteers, almost one third of Australians 15 and over participated in unpaid voluntary work through an organisation or group in 2019. However, volunteering numbers have decreased over the last two years with the impact of COVID.
Devote your time to people
By searching on your suburb’s social media pages or government listings, you can find charities in your area that you may want to support. Supporting the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, will not only improve the lives of some of those living in your community, but the impact will flow beyond that into the lives of future generations as well.

In these uncertain times, charities can always use the extra hands and hearts to help those in need through food distribution at OzHarvest, handyman work or even getting involved in community gardens. Community gardens are a great place for cultivating the creation of social ties and building a greater feeling of community.


Here are just a few community gardens in and around Perth:
Hamersley Habitat
Duncraig Edible Garden
North Perth Community Garden
Victoria Park Community Garden
Murdoch Community Garden

Perth City Farm 

Devote your time to the environment
Your new neighbourhood is a place you and your family are sure to create long lasting memories. Taking part in busy bees at your local park or school, by cleaning up rubbish or pruning overgrown gardens are just a few examples of how you can help others enjoy the community. There are plenty of opportunities to make a difference, you just have to look.
Seek Volunteer
Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority


Support your local cafes, restaurants and small businesses

These businesses are foundational for your community’s economic growth.

Many businesses are still recovering from the effects of lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates plus the increased use of home deliveries and online shopping.
So, get on down to your local bakery, pizza or fish and chip shop, clothing outlet or farmers’ markets to show your support. They’ll thank you for it.
If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, why not start your own business or side hustle, so you can earn extra income to invest in your local community.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of moving to a new home and getting straight back into your daily routine, set a goal to look for new ways to give back to others.

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