Making the most of small living spaces

26 Jun 2019

Living in a smaller space does have its limitations, however, with some simple organisation, you will be able to thrive on every square metre of your property!


One thing that makes a small space appear even smaller is clutter! To ensure you get the most out of your place, you need to get rid of those unnecessary belongings, and  get organised. Have a look around – what could you afford to get rid of? If you’re stuck, think about what you actually use
and what is just for show. When it comes to small spaces you need to think about practicality and functionality – if these possessions are limiting your room for things you actually need, it’s time for them to go!
Once you’ve got everything in order, have a garage sale. This is a successful, quick way to get rid of all your unwanted things and make a quick buck at the same time. Remember, these things are items that would otherwise be thrown out so be willing to accept lower offers for those hard-to-sell items. If you still have a couple of strangling items, consider donating these to your favourite charity.

Buy the right size furniture

When living in small spaces, it's important to find furniture that is in scale with the size of the room to avoid the area feeling cramped. Start by measuring the room and only considering furniture that will allows for comfortable living. Next, use masking tape on the floor to visualize the size of each piece and how you'll arrange the furniture in that space. It’s often hard to get it right – consider choosing furniture with visible legs to establish a more open, airy feel but be careful not to fall victim to "doll house syndrome" when you buy furniture that is too small to be comfortable or practical.

What are your priorities?

Unfortunately, living in a smaller space means you can’t have everything, and it might be time to figure out your priorities and make some compromises on what you really need. It’s time to figure out your priorities and allocate space accordingly.  If you work from home, it might be more worthwhile converting your dining area to a study, where you will be able to utilise the space in a productive manner.

Use colour

Don’t be afraid of using bold colours in small spaces. Utilising sharper, bolder colours can do wonders compared to duller tones. Think  electric blues, and emerald  greens and yellows. You could even consider painting one wall a different colour which might help to make the room appear larger. If you live in a small apartment and can’t look to paint as your answer – use big canvases, hanging fabrics or wall decals to add colour to your area.

GettyImages-840456410-(2).jpgDefine spaces

While open plan living is becoming increasingly popular in homes right now, it might still be nice if you were able to define areas of your home, especially in a small living area. Use colour and grouped furniture to help create different zones of your home. If you want to make some areas more private, try strategically placing shelving or decorative screens as these can be a great way to create more secluded areas.

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