Market Minute - with Peter Peard

06 Mar 2024

Local property prices have continued their upward trajectory for the 19th consecutive month, reaching a fresh peak in February of $651,000!

This sustained growth has solidified Perth's position as the most robust capital city property market in the country.
Prospective buyers in Perth are grappling with historically low stock levels, resulting in a market that heavily favours sellers. Despite the notable decline in affordability due to rising interest rates, WA remains the most affordable state in Australia. This affordability, coupled with limited housing options, likely contributes to the buoyancy of property prices in the region... 

People often ask me what properties will be hot this year - I think it's safe to say that the $500,000 and $800,000 bracket will be the hot commodity for freestanding houses.

Here are the suburbs to watch in 2024 according to - TOP 100 with WA broken down below! 
Affordability, investment prospects
Location, amenity, infrastructure
Amenity, investment prospects, location
Location, amenity
Affordability, infrastructure, investment prospects
Affordability, amenity, family appeal, investment prospects, population growth

Family appeal, infrastructure
Quinns Rocks
Affordability, location, amenity
Amenity, family appeal, affordability
Tuart Hill

Affordability, location
Victoria Park

Location, amenity, gentrification


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