Moving Day! It’s finally time

14 Aug 2019

The day has come. All the hard work has paid off. Your old home is sold and your new home is waiting. Only difference being that after months of meetings, paperwork, discussing, disagreeing and compromising, today it becomes physical, it becomes real!

After having gone through so much up to this point, the move itself almost seems insulting! We wish we could click our fingers or wave a wand and have every piece of furniture and item in its right place. Unfortunately for many of us, our Hogwarts letters never arrived, so we’re stuck with a whole weekend of sore backs and living out of boxes instead of spending that weekend enjoying your new place! Okay…Maybe we’re exaggerating, but there’s no doubt you want to get your move over with and start your new home life ASAP! Here are some ways to do that quickly but safely:

Plan things out

You’ve got the keys and the place is already yours, so as you walk through the empty spaces, instead of just visualising where you think everything should go, make sure you tick some boxes first! Measure all your entrances, then, all your biggest furniture. Just as an athlete shouldn’t prematurely celebrate before crossing the line, you shouldn’t map out your perfect arrangement without knowing it’s possible.
New Details
Remember your address has changed, and it’s a good idea to make all the administrative changes before the actual move. Make sure all your utilities, bank, phone and internet details, along with all your driver’s details are updated with your new address. Losing important documents is the last thing you need when you’re still living out of boxes!
Take care of the kids and pets
If possible, anyone with young kids is encouraged to leave them with friends or relatives or hire a babysitter. Lot’s of heavy items being moved around and nothing being put away can make for a pretty dangerous environment, especially for a toddler or infant. Same goes with pets! Pets can find moving time distressing and it could add to your stress levels constantly checking if they’re okay and out of the way.

Watch your valuables
Account for all valuables and important documents when packing everything. Try to keep it to a minimal number of boxes or files so it’s easier to keep an eye on. Even keep these items with someone you trust or somewhere secure for the entire duration of the move as opposed to leaving it in either home while you’re moving to and from.


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