National Property Managers Day - James Yancazos

23 Jul 2021

The pandemic has thrown some serious curveballs in the in the industry over the last 18 months; many of which have been common talking points among the West Aussie public. As a result, how have you navigated your relationships with clients during this period of considerable tension?

The last 18 months has certainly been a challenging period – I have been lucky in that every challenging situation has always been negotiated well so that both parties are not left worse off. I haven’t had a single tenant ‘thrown out on their backside’ because they couldn’t afford to pay their rent & any tenant who was experiencing a rough patch has fully repaid any rent owed.
Of course, following the end of the rental moratorium, we’ve seen rents skyrocket to their highest in years. How do you feel the department has handled this, given there’s obviously such contrasting feelings towards the situation between tenants and landlords?   

The Peard Group as a whole has handled this very well! The majority of rent increases I had a hand in were agreed to by tenants as they recognised the shift in the market. In my new role as Business Development Manager its great to see landlords suddenly realising the investment potential in their property & allowing us to help them achieve the highest possible return.

Property Management in 2021 tends to be fully engaged with new technologies and approaches to help streamline the process, but is there any aspect you feel could do with some improvement?  

Peard as a group has recently implemented a cloud based system Console Cloud which to date, has seen the Property Management Department improve their efficiencies tenfold.

What are some of the biggest changes in the industry from when you first started?  

When I first started in the Industry 6 years ago, there were very few software systems in use - 90% of agencies used REST. Fast forward 6 years and there are countless programs that an agency can use & probably even better programs currently in development.

What about you!? Who are you outside of work? Tell us some of the things you enjoy, believe, people you idolise, places you’ve been, and what you love to do on the weekends!  
Surprisingly outside of work I am relatively introverted – I come from a Macedonian background so family, friends, fun & food are very important!

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