National Property Managers Day - Samantha Sharman

20 Jul 2021

The pandemic has thrown some serious curveballs in the in the industry over the last 18 months; many of which have been common talking points among the West Aussie public. As a result, how have you navigated your relationships with clients during this period of considerable tension?

Lots of communication and re-assurance to both landlords and tenants at the start of the pandemic.   It was an unknown time for us all as no one really knew the impact COVID and lockdowns would have on our property market adding to the unknown, was the continually changing regulations (think Moratorium). Thankfully, relationships with owners and tenants have remained mostly positive as they understood that we all were in unknown waters! 
Of course, following the end of the rental moratorium, we’ve seen rents skyrocket to their highest in years. How do you feel the department has handled this, given there’s obviously such contrasting feelings towards the situation between tenants and landlords?   

By working together as a team, all portfolios have had a significant increase in their rents and we have kept them in line with the state of the market.  Any disputes or complaints have been handled as a team and the Property Managers know they can call Senior Management to help with any difficult clients! 

Property Management in 2021 tends to be fully engaged with new technologies and approaches to help streamline the process, but is there any aspect you feel could do with some improvement?  

Sometimes I think we need to remember that as much as technology is helping us to do our jobs, we are still working with people’s lives and emotions and nothing compares to picking up the phone and having a conversation about any concerns.  The technology we have is a tool that should be allowing us to dedicate more time to connecting with our landlords and tenants. 

What are some of the biggest changes in the industry from when you first started?  

The internet! (is that showing my age??!?). The internet then lead to the smart phone and these are now a staple part of Property Management, allowing us to be mobile, work from home and time efficient. 

What about you!? Who are you outside of work? Tell us some of the things you enjoy, believe, people you idolise, places you’ve been, and what you love to do on the weekends!  

I have 2 adult children, 2 dogs, 3 cats and a FIFO husband, so life can be very busy!  Photography is a hobby I have and I’d like to do more of.  Like most of us, I haven’t had a proper holiday in nearly 2 years and would love to get back on a cruise ship again and relax out in the middle of the ocean.  I’m a crazy Dockers member and love watching footy in the winter and going for bush walks/hikes with my family in the warmer weather.

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