Our top bathtub picks!

14 Jun 2023

It's #InternationalNationalBathDay and we’re celebrating with our 3 favourite bathtub designs of the season! (you’re welcome)!

If you're looking to renovate your bathroom then a bathtub is surely at the forefront of your mind. Rightly so, it’s possibly the biggest design decision you are likely to make and one that will heavily influence the bathroom’s overall look and feel.

Here are our favourite picks for this season! 


The Clawbath 

Reminiscent of the art deco era these bathtubs ooze Hollywood glamour! If you're lacking space, these come in a variaty of sizes and depths to ensure a great fit. 

WE LOVE  - Alto Bath - Early Settler 


The Round Bath 
The large bowl shape has been an emerging trend, and we're not suprised - talk about luxury! The only downside to this style is - space, you'll need a large enough area to make it work. Obsessed with the look but don't have the space? They can also look fabulous in a courtyard that's attached to a Master Suite - Did somebody say resort living?

WE LOVE  -  Circo Free Standing Stone Bath - Temple and Webster 

Contemporary Free Standing
Contemporary in appearance and using the latest materials, these baths are designed to make a statement but one that you really can't go wrong with. They are intended to be positioned away from walls – while you don't have to move it to the centre, a central location adds extra glamor and can boost the room’s sense of proportion. We also love when different textures are used such a ribbed finish, adding an extra touch of style.  

WE LOVE  - Trina Oval Ribbed Fluter Bathtub - Sunlight Bathrooms 

Ok, we're heading home a bath... see you soon! 

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