Peard Real Estate Fitness Challenge raises $150,000 for Telethon

26 Oct 2017

Perth’s Telethon celebrated an incredible 50 years last weekend and here at Peard Real Estate, we were so excited to be sponsoring the most exciting Peard Fitness Challenge to date!

The ’24-hour men’, Matt “Sheep” Fuller, Soa “The Hulk” Palelei and Josh “Fish Boss” Catalano came back this year to do the challenge once again, but this time, they had a whole team of people behind them - literally!

The Telethon weekend saw Matt, Soa and Josh, host a gruelling 24-hour spin class, with participating businesses given the opportunity to be part of the action and have their very own team bike.

L-R: 24 Hour Men, Soa Palelei, Matt Fuller & Josh Catalano

Each business was responsible for gathering a team of up to 24 to keep their bike running for the full 24 hours alongside the men.

Peard Real Estate had our own bike along with several other local businesses; including Bikesure, Delta Print, Strategen Environmental, BOQ, PKF Mack, Snooze and many more, along with three other soloists who attempted the challenge on their own.

Peard Real Estate Scarborough's Sales Associate & Auctioneer, David Lynch riding for the Peard team

All three men successfully completed the challenge, solo-riding for the full 24 hours nonstop and wowing onlookers who came to cheer and support them at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

A DJ and lightshow made for an unbeatable atmosphere, which drew in huge crowds at all hours of the Telethon weekend.

Josh Catalano is cheered on to the finishing line by family and friends

The Peard Bike was kept turning by a team of 15 employees, with our CEO, Peter Peard, jumping on the Peard bike for the final hour.

Peter Peard says the company was thrilled to have sponsored the event, which was undoubtedly the best yet.

“Every year is incredible, but having so many people involved this time made for an electric atmosphere and an event that will be remembered for years to come.

“It was evident that the boys were in better spirits than ever and having so many people around them certainly gave them the extra push to keep going.

“We loved being a part of the action this year!

Samantha Lane with Matt Fuller (L) and Peard Real Estate Founder & CEO, Peter Peard

“Having our own team on the bike next to the boys created a lot excitement and we felt more part of it than ever.

“Sitting on that bike for just one hour, I couldn’t image having to do it for a full 24.

“The grit and determination those men have is very admirable, and I take my hat off to them.

Peter Peard presents the final cheque for $50,000 to Matt Fuller on behalf of Peard Real Estate

“Telethon is a cause that is very close to all of our hearts, and as a company, we were so proud to be the challenge’s major sponsor again,” said Peter Peard.

The challenge raised an impressive $150,000 with Peard Real Estate presenting the final cheque for $50,000.

Over the past five years, the Peard Real Estate Fitness Challenge has raised over $400,000 for Telethon.

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