Peard recognised as National Business leader

06 Dec 2022

The Australian Business Awards are an annual comprehensive awards program recognising organisations that demonstrate the core values of business innovation, product innovation, technological achievement and employee engagement. 

We’re very proud to bring home two awards this year; Business Innovation and Business Excellence. 

Here’s a note from our Chief Operations Officer, Melissa Farrell, who has been pivotal in the Property Management strategy that led to our success in these two categories.


What a way to end 2022… two more awards to add to our accolade list! 

I’m always really proud of our efforts when we are recognised alongside big names such as West Pac and The Water Corporation – to start off as a humble little office 25 years ago and to remain a market leader today is something we should all be proud off here at Peard (and we are!)

My role in the business is to push the envelope – to evaluate how we run and to find ways to do it better… and it’s a never-ending responsibility. 

Success in any business hinges on innovation and adaptability, and it’s something we continue to strive for. 

The past five years have been a bit of a make or break for many Aussie businesses (hello downturn, pandemic and the labour shortage). As a real estate business, we successfully operated with the traditional property management model for 23 years – but all good things come to an end, right? 

Five years ago, I started researching an alternative way of operating to increase efficiencies. Line Management was earmarked for the future direction of the business and something we were slowing focusing on in the background. Covid came along 2 years ago and forced us to jump into action and expeditated the need for change and adoption of line management. 

The changes have resulted in improvements in customer service and client satisfaction. Most importantly, the new model has brought the business into a new era of lead generation and fostered long lasting change so that the organisation can continue to grow into the third decade of business.

Recognising the need to change, acting swiftly and focusing on promoting staff within the company is what has helped us stay at the forefront of WA business for 25 years, and our latest changes will ensure we continue to set standards.  

Winning the Business Awards is just the icing on the cake really… 

Thanks team, you all rock!

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