Perth's (not so) secret coastal gems

23 Jul 2019

WA beaches. They’re our crown jewels. Our immediate go-to when dealing with Eastern State sceptics. We know all about the Cottesloe's and Trigg's, but with the popularity of our more central suburban beaches, such demand around these areas has seen prices rise to levels unattainable for most buyers. Thankfully, if there’s one thing WA has a lot of, it’s coastline. Year after year, we see the metro area expand to accommodate this desire, and with these new locations comes new infrastructure that makes these beaches more appealing to different groups of people. While these places may no longer be the secret of a few lucky locals, their peaceful, refreshing atmosphere remains!

Two Rocks Beach - Median House Price: $355,000
Starting with the Northern edge of the Metro area, Two Rocks beach is the perfect example of a beach that has increased in popularity but maintained its identity. Named after the two large limestone rock formations that sit on the shore, parking is a breeze right next to the entrance and you’re in close proximity to a grocery store so you can stock up on all your creature comforts. Best of all, its dog friendly! So your best mate will no doubt have a new favourite place to visit.


Burns Beach - Median House Price: $801,500 (Joondalup: $494,550)
With its proximity to Joondalup, Burns Beach lost much of its isolation a little earlier than many other beaches on this list. Thanks to this, there’s plenty around for more clean-cut types who don’t want to be washing off sand two days after their visit! Burns Beach Café and Restaurant sits right up the beach with plenty of outdoor seating. There’s also a picnic area fully equipped with barbecues and toilets, plus a scenic pathway along the coast for older citizens and others who may have a hard time navigating the sand.

Claytons Beach - Median House Price: $646,250
Not for the faint-hearted, Claytons Beach certainly has more of a scenic value for those who aren’t surfers or experienced swimmers. Just south of Mindarie marina, this beach is full of rips, submerged rocks and no lifesavers. Nonetheless, it’s a great location for a quiet morning walk for anyone living in the still recently-developed Mindarie. As previously mentioned, it’s a popular destination amongst surfers, who are able to find a decent challenge without needing to go on a road trip.

Quinns Rocks Beach - Median House Price: $440,000
Quinns Beach is without a doubt the centrepiece of Perth’s booming far-north suburbs off Marmion Ave. Full of the usual picnic, playground and café infrastructure close by, it’s also well-patrolled as the home of the Quinns Mindarie Surf Lifesaving Club who have been based there since 1982. Last but certainly not least, further north lies a dedicated dog beach! Providing yet another place for your furry friends to run amok.

Shoalwater Bay - Median House Price: $429,100
While Shoalwater and the rest of Rockingham may not be much of a secret these days, other beaches in the area take the crowds, leaving Shoalwater Bay as a peaceful retreat in a well-established area. The famous Penguin Island sits in full view just off the shore, with a series of smaller islands creating a coastal backdrop rivalling anywhere else in the world. Early risers are rewarded with great opportunities for beach fishing, along with a chance to catch a host of sea life such as dolphins, sea lions and pelicans.

Coogee Beach - Median House Price: $735,000
Just a short drive from Fremantle, Coogee Beach is well known amongst Southern locals. However, it was the establishment of the new suburb of North Coogee that brought it back into the spotlight. With land still going relatively cheap compared to other coastal locations, there’s everything you need between the beach and the still newly-built port. The towns main shopping centre sits right on the port as well, so you can take in the calming ocean views even as you're carrying the groceries!


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