Perth's growth suburbs in 2018

11 Jan 2019

We can’t deny it’s been a disappointing year for the WA property, but let’s not forget that property markets work in cycles…

Historically in WA, property cycles have spanned between 4.5 to 9 years. While the current downturn has lasted a little longer than we expected and certainly it’s felt like a lifetime…  it still sits well within the average time range of historical market cycles.


There’s also plenty of good news coming out of the resource sector and major employment opportunities should have a knock-on effect in 2019. Rents are already increasing, the rental vacancy rate decreasing and the expected increase in population will all have a positive impact.

But, we won’t deny that with prices dropping in many major cities across Australia and certainly predictions of more pain to come, picking the right suburb can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But it’s not impossible! In Perth,  there is some suburbs that continue to buck the trend, reporting growth in 2018.

Here at Perth’s Top Growth Suburbs for 2018 (According to REIWA)
  1. Brabham 31.8%
  2. Madora Bay 28.7%
  3. Mount Pleasant 25.9%
  4. Claremont 23.5%
  5. West Leederville 21.4%
  6. Kensington 19.6%
  7. South Perth 13.9%
  8. South Yunderup 13.7%
  9. Alfred Cove 11.7%
  10. Shelley 9.7%


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