Perth's north or south?

01 Dec 2023

“Tell us, are you a north or south of the river Perthian?” 

It’s the age-old argument that has divided Perth locals for decades: which is better; north or south of the river?

Northerners will tell you they have better beaches, are more connected and have greater nightlife options. A southerner will defend their laid-back lifestyle and gorgeous river outlooks.  
Well, you may have your list of what makes either side better to reside in but if we’re talking market activity, Perth’s southern suburbs are currently outpacing their northern counterparts in property price growth, with Shelley leading the charge.


REIWA data reveals that Shelley's price rose  a whopping $29.7% - up to $1,145,000!

Properties in the south are being snapped up in just 7.8 days on average and those north of the river in 9!

While certain individual properties in the southern region experienced more significant price hikes, the average median house prices for both northern and southern areas are closely matched. The northern region holds a slight edge with an average of $559,80, just ahead of the south's $559,300.

House prices are predicted to rise a further 6 to 7% in he new year so it will be interesting to see if the scales tip... one things for sure, the north vs south debate is here to stay. 

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