Preparing for a successful sale this winter

28 May 2018

ThinkstockPhotos-952827294-735x450.jpgAlthough spring seems to be the season of choice when it comes to selling your home, you shouldn’t feel discouraged if you’re planning to list during the colder months.

In fact, winter presents some interesting advantages for sellers. Winter typically sees less stock on the market, which means your property won’t be competing against as many homes and although home open numbers might be down a little, winter buyers are often more genuine about a sale.

Below are some practical tips to help your property shine on the market, this winter.

  • Don’t neglect the outdoors:
During winter, many of us can become less inclined to brave the weather and tend to outdoor jobs, such as lawn care, pool care and gardening. However, with heavy rains and winds they can be the first thing that’s affected and can ultimately let down the presentation of your property.

These features are good selling points, so be sure to present them well.
  • Create a warm and cosy feeling:
Make your home as inviting as possible for home opens. Turn on your air conditioning to warm up the home and if you have a gas fire, be sure to turn it on not just for warmth but added ambience.
  • Maximise light:
Overcast days in the winter time can make your property feel colder and smaller than what it really is. Combat this by ensuring all blinds and curtains are open to let as much natural light in. Also turn every single light on in the house (and we mean every light!) to make your home instantly inviting!
  • Keep on top of the weather forecast:
The weather can be unpredictable in winter, so flexibility is key. If you’re selling by auction, have a back-up plan should rain be forecast for the day, such as holding it indoors instead.
  • Avoid prime sport-viewing times:
We love our sport in Australia, and between all the games – including our own sporting endeavours on the weekend – it can be tricky trying to tee up the best home open time. Consider what time the game is on when discussing your home open times with your selling agent.

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