Scatter cushion makeover

08 Apr 2019

We can often grow tired of furniture that’s in front of us on a daily basis but if you’re a little fed up with your current décor, there’s no need to head out and replace the whole lot! A new look could be as simple as adding a couple of cushions to your sofa and you won't break the bank by doing so!

Here are our favourite cushion tips and rules to make sure you don’t get it wrong.

Step 1: If your cushions match your sofa, ditch them (or rather, donate them!)

Often,  when you purchase a sofa, it will come with its own set of matching cushions. Unfortunately, matching cushions will rarely add any aesthetic value. Rather, they will simply blend in and create a sterile look.  If you want to add some personality and liveliness to your space, you will need to experiment with a variety colours and contrasting textures.

Step 2: Know your colour palette

Understanding your “colour palette” before you purchase your cushions is imperative.

Most rooms will have a variation of colours and patterns; the colour of your walls, patterns on curtains and various trinkets which can create for a busy and mismatched look.
Selecting cushions based on existing colours will allow you to subtly bring together all of the room's elements to complement one another.

 *Use a colour palette to help you choose your cushions
Most good furniture stores will have a colour palette to look at but we suggest downloading one from the internet to have at home. This was you can sit down in your space and really map out what colours you need. It will also make the trip to the store easier as you will be prepared.

Step 3: How many is too many?

There’s no absolute rule for this question as it depends on the style you prefer. Traditionally, sticking to an even number of cushions is recommended but with modern décor styles becoming more creative and edgy, odd numbers could be really effective!

If you’re nervous about getting it wrong - the below is a simple guide to ensuring you don’t “over-kill” your room with cushions.

  • 3 seater- 5 cushions
  • 2 seater- 3 or 4 cushions
  • 1 seater- 1 cushion

Step 4:  Let’s go shopping!

Make sure you have your palette handy and head to your favourite home wares store. We love the cushion range at Freedom but if you prefer online shopping, Eco Chic has a massive range and an endless choice of colour - and their products are eco-friendly too!
  • Pick 4 colours (your colour palette) which are currently present in your space. E.g. the colour of your walls, rug, curtains or favourite ornament.
  • Make sure you only have one bold dominant colour in your palette- for example, a bright yellow, blue, red or hot pink.
  • You will struggle to find cushions with all of your colours, so aim to find cushions which contain 1 or 2 colours from your palette + your bold colour.
  • Include one cushion which is just your bold colour alone.
  • Experiment with different size and shapes.


*This is a good example of what we’re talking about - the colour palette is made up of red as the bold, dominant colour and then white, grey and orange as supporting colours.
The cushions pick up the colours of the couch, coffee table top and legs, white decorative vases and wall colour. Most of these cushions only have one or two of the palette colours in them; however the combination of the three colours really pulls the whole room together. The one single red coloured cushion (the bold colour in this instance) is really effective. The cushions are also different shapes and sizes which adds some variety.


Step 5: Arranging your cushions

If you want a more modern look, then the rule is - there is no rule! Just keep in mind the colours of the cushions when you are placing them on your sofa. If you have a cushion that features 2 or 3 colours, try make that the centre piece.
The best approach is trial and error. Arrange your cushions and let them sit for a few days. If something seems off every time you walk past, change them up and repeat the process until you have found your perfect cushion arrangement!


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