Selling in Summer

04 Dec 2019

As we enter the summer months, property owners along the Perth coastal strip have a golden opportunity to sell their property.
The Peard Real Estate Group has been operating in the Perth coastal market for nearly 20 years and over that time we have found that summer is the prime selling season for coastal properties. Generally, the sales of coastal properties double compared to the winter months with many buyers attracted to living near the coast due to the hotter weather.

To put it simply, these homes just shine during summer! When someone attends a weekend coastal home open in the heat, chances are they want to move in right then and there. The convenience of easy access to the beach, the cool sea breeze, and a laid-back lifestyle are all on show right there in the moment, as opposed to opening up the home in cold and windy weather, or during spring in a more crowded market. It also instils a certain urgency among buyers; if a coastal home is on the market early in summer, it could persuade the buyers to act fast and make the most of their new home during that same season.
What’s also promising, is that even in the more challenging times we’ve experienced over the past few years, coastal suburbs tend to buck the trend and record upswings even when things are at their most bleak. This provides a sense of comfort to coastal homeowners that their properties will perform well even if they’re forced to sell in a weak market. Right now, it’s the following coastal suburbs that have recorded growth in their median sale prices for the most recent 12-month period; not to mention most if not all these suburbs could very well be considered Peard Real Estate strongholds!
Doubleview – 2.5% - $740,000
Hillarys – 7.8% - $830,000
Mindarie – 3.1% - $660,000
Ocean Reef – 1.5% - $730,000
Sorrento – 0.8% - $922,500
Swanbourne – 4.6% - $1,515,000
Trigg – 4.7% - $1,270,000
Two Rocks – 1.4% - $360,000

Timing is everything in real estate, and if you live on the coast and are considering listing your property for sale, then the next few months are the time to do so. Most people in Perth understand that the property market is still in early stages of recovery, but our company is still finding that properties that are correctly priced, presented and promoted are selling. That is why if you are considering selling your coastal home, you need to select an agent that has a proven track record in delivering results for property owners in this area over a consistent period of time.
Over the coming summer months, we expect growing interest from upgraders who are taking advantage of record low interest rates to upgrade their home. I am confidently making this prediction because over the Spring months our coastal offices have been receiving an increasing level of interest from buyers wanting to upgrade their home. These enquiries will turn into firm offers during the summer period as upgraders make a final decision to buy.
If you wish to receive a free market appraisal of your coastal property, then please contact your local Peard office details of which can be found at

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