Selling this winter…

26 May 2020

There’s some panic around our market at the moment with fears that Covid19 has done some serious damage to consumer confidence, sending buyers into hibernation for winter.  Is the panic warranted? Not in our opinion. While it’s way too early to tell what long-term effects the virus will have on our economy and market, all we can go on is the current facts… and there’s 3 really simple ones we’re focusing on at the moment.

  1. Our house prices and values remain relatively unchanged. 
  2. Buyers buy all year around (this has always been the case) – sure, there have been a multitude of buyers affected by unemployment and uncertainty around their finances, but there are also many who have not... and are still ready buy.
  3. Our buyer enquires haven’t slowed down… only further supporting the above.
So how can a winter marketing campaign work in your favour?
Perfect sale time for changeover buyers
Are you yourself keen to sell and upgrade?  
If you’re a changeover buyer who is looking to upgrade or downsize, selling your existing property on delayed settlement terms in winter can put you in prime position for buying in spring when a large volume of stock comes onto the market.

Serious buyers
With typically less stock available, the winter market attracts more genuine buyers, some who might be more prepared to compromise on their preferences if they want to buy in a certain area. It is also unlikely winter-time vendors will see as many half-hearted prospective buyers who are “just looking around.” The buyers at this time of the year are far more likely to have their finance approved and be ready to bid.


  • Be accommodating to buyers
Be flexible with your home open times and allow for private viewings - it may mean you need to be on top of your cleaning and be prepared to leave the property for an hour or so during the week.
  • Be accommodating to buyers
Stormy weather can really do a number on the outside of the property, so it’s extra important to take time to spruce up the façade of the house. Keep gardens tidy and use a high-pressure hose to blast away any built-up dirt and grime on pavement that the rain can bring.
  • Make your home feel warm and cosy
The goal is to make your property as inviting to buyers as possible. During the winter months, it can take a lot for buyers to brave the cold weather to view a property, so make sure you combat this by cranking up the heating and if you have a working fireplace, be sure to use it!
Staging your home in winter is also important - decorate with throw blankets and scatter cushions to create a warm atmosphere, and if you have tiled or wooden floors, consider laying an area rug.
  • Clean windows
Dirt and grime can build up quickly during wet weather, and this can block the amount of natural light coming into the room. We recommend cleaning the windows thoroughly, by either getting them professionally done or doing it yourself, to brighten and lift the property.
  • Switch on the lights
Fight the gloomy weather by turning on every light in the property, including lamps, outside lights and even the pantry light. Draw back the curtains to try and let as much natural light in as well, because no one wants to buy a home that looks dreary and pokey.
  • Fix leaking roofs and clean gutters
It’s likely that you may hold a home open inspection when it’s raining and, if this happens, the last thing you want potential buyers to see is water dripping from the ceilings or overflowing gutters. Get these issues sorted before your first home open, because there’s no hiding it and buyers will be far from impressed.
  • Have a backup plan
Stormy weather means you need to have a contingency plan. If you’re selling your property by auction, prepare for a last-minute change to where it’s held - you may need to head inside the property, or somewhere undercover to get out of the rain.

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