Simple tips to stage your house for sale

28 Sep 2023

ThinkstockPhotos-520584820-jpg-735x450.jpgBuyers want to fall in love with a property, and part of getting them to form a connection with the house is helping them to envision what it would be like to live in it.

Whether you choose to bring in the professionals or test your own staging prowess, we find a well-staged home does wonders for attracting buyers and almost always sell for higher than the asking price! 

Sure, there may be exceptions to this rule, such as if your property will most likely be bought for the value of the land rather than the house itself. But in most cases, a property presented with furniture will grab and hold the attention of buyers more than a vacant one.

Start at the heart of the home and work outwards
Ascertain what areas of your property the buyer is bound to spend the most time in. We find that the kitchen is usually the “heart of the home”, so focus on this area to maximise your impact.

If you’ve decided to sell, chances are thoughts about major renovating works are far from your mind.

However, cosmetic tweaks can really help update your kitchen. Cheaper endeavours, such as respraying cabinetry and backsplash tiles or replacing door handles with modern fittings, can really help give your kitchen a boost.

We also recommend finding a home for all the bits and pieces on your kitchen bench, so it looks clean and uncluttered. The only things you really need to keep on the bench when you go to sell are your knife block, a fruit bowl or a bunch of flowers.

Then, work outwards! Look at the living spaces, bathroom, bedrooms and outdoor entertaining spaces.

When it comes the bathroom, you often must work with what you’ve got.

ThinkstockPhotos-675457878-jpg-735x450-(1).jpgThoroughly clean the bathrooms, get rid of any trace of mould, including scrubbing grout (a bit of Gumption or Sugar Soap and a dense, hard-bristled brush will do wonders) and ensure the shower screen is scum-free.

Once you have a clean canvas, stage the space by replacing the shower curtain with a new one (stay on trend, avoid loud patterns and stick to neutral colours), remove toothbrushes and other products from the countertops, shower shelf/ledge and from around the bath.

Buy some new towels (white works best) and keep them out for photos and home opens only. Kmart and Target have some great, affordable options.

Finish off by adding some greenery to the bathroom, such as a succulent, aloe plants and small ferns. These plants usually thrive in the bathroom, so pop them in a cute pot for an instant lift.
459056963-735px.jpgNeutral works
We harp on about using neutral colours in the home when it comes to selling, but that’s because it makes a big difference.

The goal is to make your property appeal to the widest possible market, which is why a generic style will often win over a prospective buyer. You may feel like you’re stripping away your little touches of personality, but if the buyer doesn’t share the same taste, then what's the point?

The moment your property is listed on the market, start to think of it as no longer 'yours'. You will undoubtedly make new memories in your next home, and even simple makeover will not take away from your time you've spent there.
If you must make the choice between the front or back yard, opt for the front. The front yard is the first thing a buyer will see, and many will form a lasting impression from it.

Focus on your lawn, do a light pruning of trees and hedging to open the yard up, use a high-pressure hose to remove dirt and grime from the driveways and paths, and pack away kids’ toys, bikes, hoses, and all other clutter.

Look at what works need to be done and what needs to be added to make the property look as inviting as possible.

Is something letting down the façade? Do you need to sand and paint the front fence? Is the letter box rusted over? Does the flyscreen on the doors or windows need replacing? Is a gutter broken? Make these a priority to fix prior to listing and definitely before any professional photos are done.

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