Spring update: beautiful art for every style under $100

21 Aug 2018

Art and décor should be accessible to everyone, because your home is your space and should make you feel happy - regardless of your budget. Nowadays, there are plenty of retailers offering more bang for your buck... So, go ahead, dress your walls, sideboards and mantelpieces!
The perfect piece doesn’t have to be found in a gallery. To keep costs down, the key is to opt for prints over originals and factoring in the cost of framing.

If you want to get super savvy, some online stores like Etsy will even provide the digital image so you can shop around for a printing and framing deal. 
We've rounded up six interior decor styles often found in the Australian homes we sell, and our suggestions under $100 to help enhance each space:
  • Contemporary Australian
This style is a nod to our heritage, nature and our relaxed lifestyle. It's all about natural materials, layering, no-fuss décor, functionality and comfort. This style often incorporates a soothing colour palette, glass, wood and metals. We like to pair abstract pieces, florals and foliage, and black and white prints to tie everything together.
‘King Protea II’ from $29.95. BUY HERE.


‘Long Road Home | LS’ from $32.95. BUY HERE.


  • Industrial:
Industrial style takes its inspiration from warehouses, old factories and lofts. Often, it is ruled by traditionally masculine features, and a return to basics - think raw materials such as concrete, wood and exposed brick offset with comfortable furniture. Done right, it is a warm and inviting interior style.
When it comes to industrial art, photography, typography, abstract and graphic pieces tend to complement it well. The below pieces are downloadable straight to your computer, so you can print and frame them however you like. We recommend printing on white card stock (which is thicker) and be sure to account for the border for when you frame it.
'Grunge Eye Chart' Poster, $14.29 (Available for digital download only). BUY HERE.


'Industrial' Print, $7.77 (Available for digital download only). BUY HERE.


  • Coastal/Hamptons 
When we think coastal or Hamptons, we think of lighter colour palettes, pops of blue (perhaps a little yellow) and natural fabrics and surfaces like linen and wood. Even if you’re nowhere near the water, this style has a knack for transporting you to a summer, seaside home.
'Icebergs' Paper Print, $79.95. BUY HERE.

‘Aruba Sea’, $34. BUY HERE.

  • Scandinavian
Simple and understated, this Nordic style has been adopted into many homes in Australia. It favours a paler, neutral palette of white and light grey, with the introduction of colour through light wood textures, art pieces and accessories. Think mint or moss greens, baby pinks, soft yellows and icy blues.
‘Highland Stare’, $29.95. BUY HERE.

‘Contrast Blush’, $34. BUY HERE.


  • Mid Century Modern
Mid-century modern encapsulates the design period of 40s to the early 70s, and it’s really having a moment. This style is all about clean lines, understated pieces and functionality. The art pieces are often geometric, repetitive and feel quite retro. Depending on how far you want to take it, you can always tone it down by varying the colours and contrasts.
Navy, Rust/Orange, Grey and White Abstract Art Print #3, $9.01 (Available for digital download only). BUY HERE.


We hope you are inspired by some of the art pieces available. Didn't touch on your style? Drop us an email at marketing@peard.com.au and contribute for our next post!


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