Styling: The Kitchen

09 Apr 2018

Styling-Kitchen-4.jpgStyling a kitchen is much trickier than other spaces in the home because for many people, it's a space we use the most… and let’s be honest, simply keeping it clean and tidy can be difficult enough!
If you’ve fallen out of love with your kitchen, removing some clutter and adding a few inexpensive touches here and then can make the world of difference.

Cheap, easy but oh-so striking. Flowers bring a lot of vibrancy and personality to your space, not to mention they’ll make you kitchen come to life!
If you’d prefer something that lasts a little longer, potted greenery can very striking. A simple plant on the corner of an island bench is all you need to add some freshness to your space.  

Are your cookbooks hiding away in a cupboard? It’s time to dust them off and display them in your kitchen!

Cookbook cover designers spend hours deciding on the images for the front cover - use that design skill to your advantage and treat the books as a multi-purpose decorating hack!
Inject some colour into your space with hanging artwork! If you have open plan living, artwork can be a wonderful way of tying the two spaces together.

Chopping boards
We all know that a chopping board is an essential item in the kitchen. But apart from being very useful, they can also look very attractive! Lean a nice board against your splash back, place a ceramic plate in front, and organise your kitchen essential on top!

Tea towels
Never underestimate the importance of the tea towel!

Nothing says a pretty kitchen like a hand towel with a difference. The towel can bring a soft touch to the kitchen where most surfaces are hard. Consider a tea-towel range that will compliment the colours in the kitchen and the style of the home.

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