Suburb Spotlight – Swan Valley

15 Aug 2019

It’s pretty obvious what comes to mind when thinking of the Swan Valley. The great food, local breweries, wineries, and of course the wine tours that always seem to be one stop too many. However, much of people’s perception and experience of the Valley is based off being a visitor; someone who lives nowhere near the area, or even someone from interstate or overseas. More recently, suburbs like Dayton, Brabham and Aveley have popped up right next to the region, along with more established locations like Caversham and Ellenbrook seeing expansion. For many, this is an opportunity to showcase the Swan Valley as a lifestyle rather than just a place to visit. The breweries could become your local, and you won’t have to escape the scenery because you’ll be living in it!

Even before exploring the region, the base that connects it to the rest of Perth is worth exploring all on its own. As the original centre of the Swan River Colony, Guildford has existed in WA longer than Perth itself, and this heritage is worn proudly to say the least. Many colonial-era buildings have been brilliantly maintained, along with various longstanding businesses that have become institutions on their own. The Rose and Crown, Guildford Hotel and Alfreds Kitchen have been around far longer than most of us have been alive, while the Stirling Arms Hotel offers some of the cheapest pints in Perth. Many places along the main drag of James St also lend themselves to the ongoing theme of historical restoration, such as antique stores, furniture restoration, and a book exchange. The Swan Guildford Historical Society has played a large part in ensuring the future of many of the suburbs most famous landmarks. To this day they remain open to the public offering education on various aspects of the area.
Wine Region
You might already know a fair bit about this aspect of the Swan Valley, but it’s important to note how practical many of the most popular venues have become for residents of the region as well as visitors. Most wineries make great use of their land by catering to families with playgrounds and open spaces for children to stay occupied. They also offer different services depending on who you are and what you’re after. You can eat outside and order off the casual menu, find a perfect pairing in the fine dining area, or just take in the scenery with a glass of red all on its own. In short, wineries in the Swan Valley are transforming to cater for the regular as much as the visitor, and you can add breweries to that as well! There’s also plenty of options for those looking for an alternative to not only their local, but any local pubs standard, run-of-the-mill beer selection.

New Suburbs
It wasn’t too long ago many of us were keenly watching as Ellenbrook was announced and existed in the blink of an eye. However, the years since have seen the establishment of several suburbs that are already set for living in more ways than one. Between Lord St and West Swan Rd lies Caversham, Dayton, Brabham, Henley Brook and Aveley. Over the past few years, these suburbs have not only built themselves more than sufficient infrastructure, but have developed strong community ties through various organisations. Last but certainly not least, the new Metronet train system will be running right through the area with stops at Whiteman Park and Ellenbrook!

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