Suburb Spotlight - Joondalup

15 Jul 2020

As you probably know by now, Peard’s predominant North of the River presence is no secret. While our spiritual home lies in Hillarys, Perth’s expansion across both sides of the river has demanded rapid transformation from certain suburbs to serve the needs of an ever-swelling population. There’s no better example of this than our new Property Management hub, Joondalup.
With the town’s growth steadying around a decade ago, now is a great to time to take stock of both recent developments and well-maintained natural landmarks. The city centre has grown into a vibrant but casual entertainment hub. Local department store, Lakeside Joondalup, has grown into one of Perth’s premier shopping destinations with a cinema to boot. Joondalup Train Station is also seamlessly connected to it right at the entrance. In addition, throughout this area are several restaurants and café’s which will no doubt spoil you for choice. There’s also Arena Joondalup, which along with being a great footy ground, is home to numerous music festivals and other large events frequented by people from all around Perth.

Of course, all that fun stuff is certainly things you want, but what about what you need? Joondalup has gone an incredibly long way over the years in answering that question as well. Their Health campus right in the heart (no pun intended) of the town combines both a public and private hospital, while their Edith Cowan University campus has grown to become one of Perth’s most popular tertiary institutions, namely for Nursing and Education. There’s a tonne of recreational facilities for anyone looking to build up a sweat throughout the week, along with an aquatic centre for all ages. Lastly, but certainly not least, there’s no shortage of schools both public and private either in Joondalup itself or in the surrounding suburbs.
Before a single brick was laid, Joondalup got its name as a town from the picturesque Lake Joondalup; a Noongar word said to describe either a "place of whiteness or glistening" or “place of a creature that can only move backwards”. Thankfully over the years, the town has ensured that this piece of natural beauty has remained largely as is, despite the decades of development which surrounds it; making it an almost impossible piece of nature right in the metro area. The surrounding area of the Lake is classified as Yellagonga Regional Park, which is chock-full of native flora and fauna around a 16km circuit for strollers and exercisers alike. If you’re lucky enough, you could even catch wildlife like frogs, turtles, and even kangaroos! Goes without saying this is one for anyone hosting overseas visitors as well!

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