Suburb Spotlight - Victoria Park

27 Feb 2020

We’ve spent the bulk of this segment of our blog focusing on the various coastal gems that comprise our world-renowned coastline, this time we shift the focus toward one of our many expanding suburban hubs…

Situated as an eastern gateway to the Perth CBD, Victoria Park has forged its own identity through the years to become a vibrant and diverse community. Its initiatives have empowered those such as artists, foodies and even barbers to establish themselves in the area with spaces and opportunities made for them to flourish. Here’s just a few examples of why this town is a hit:

Despite the increased hustle and bustle, Vic Parks green presence is as strong as ever. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to a bbq, dog walk or kick of the footy. Places like McCallum Park right on the river, John Macmillan Park and John Bissett reserve offer the perfect contrast to an expanding suburb. They’re also far more than just a patch of grass! Most parks in the area offer skate parks, basketball courts, playgrounds, along with the hallmark of parks in the area; the outdoor ping-pong table. If that wasn’t unique enough, each table is adorned with different pieces of local street art, which brings us to our next point…

Taking inspiration from Melbourne laneways, a group known as the Vic Park Collective started the Once Upon a Wall project in 2015; an initiative which brought a host of talented WA artists to the area, teaching locals all they needed to know about street art. Fast forward 5 years, there’s over 45 unique, colourful installations all over the town! This has completely reinvigorated the entire area, as now these previously blank, boring surfaces are not only full of life, but a destination for people to visit.

Thanks to this level of success and interest, the Vic Park Collective also established the broader Victoria Park Arts Season. Now in its 5th year, it offers walking tours of all Street art, outdoor films, and temporary installations such as the Vic Park Projection Fest; which presents audio-visual art pieces throughout the town.


Where do we start!? Let’s just say it’s not about the car yards anymore! The options aren’t just plentiful, but original and daring. Places like Sage, Harvest Espresso, and Sixteen Ounces offer up far more than just a coffee, while it’s almost impossible to even label joints like Hey Griller and Neho, whose fusion ideas are always offering a journey for the tastebuds.

For those with no taste for the trendy however, never fear. Vic Park has no shortage of Aussie pubs where the beer’s cold and the feeds are nothing but classics. The Balmoral, Vic Park Hotel and the Broken Hill Hotel have all been brilliantly maintained over the years; clearly defined by their heritage architecture which contributes in characterising the town.

Because of its proximity to the City and Swan River, this aspect of Vic Park is thankfully no secret. Already well-connected by buses and trains, the town has been and still is home to Perth’s most popular locations. Get your winter racing fix at Belmont Racecourse, or maybe you’ve heard of that new stadium that’s been around for the past couple of years? Just another new landmark calling this town home. If that’s still not enough (and you’re looking to treat yourself), a stones throw away lies Crown Entertainment complex, which goes without saying is far more than a casino these days. You can even go the extra mile with a room at the Crown Towers and give yourself a 5-Star vacation in the suburb!

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