The A to Z of surviving the festive season!

15 Dec 2020

A is for ALCOHOL – No shortage of it this time of year, but just remember to drink in moderation, especially during the office Christmas party!
B is for the BEACH - Make some time to feel the sand under your feet, smell the fresh ocean air, and the wind in your hair. There's no better place in the world for it
C is for CAROLS - Whether it's Jingle Bells or Mariah Carey, singing is good for the soul and the lungs so get up there and let your vocals be heard. 
D is for DEHYDRATION - A serious one no matter what you're doing, and select beverages will do it fast, especially if you’ve been at the beach or exercising, so make sure you are rehydrate before you dehydrate.
E is for EGGNOG - Which is not huge here in Australia because it’s usually so hot, but try some on a cool evening and enjoy the benefits of some protein in your party beverage.
F is for FOOD – Try to get your greens in juices if you aren’t getting them in your food, veggies will give you the nutrients and hydration to keep you feeling fantastic through the festive period. You'll have more than enough of the naughty stuff!
G is for GOODNESS - The healthy kind! Make sure you are getting some in between celebrations and feasts.
H is for HEALTH - Don’t let this slip…too far anyway! Being a shell of your former self in January isn’t a great feeling and it certainly doesn’t help out with those New Years Resolutions. So make sure you're doing the right things both mental and physical. 
I is for INVEST - In yourself and your future by doing your Christmas shopping the smart way, with a list and a budget and checking online for bargains.
J is for JOLLY – Remember to enjoy your time out of the office by planning things to look forward to, like catch ups with friends, some festivities or gardening and home maintenance and chill time just for you.
K is for KICKSTART - Your day and your metabolism with a tasty, healthy and hydrating smoothie. Try 1 cup of almond or Oat milk, a handful of organic blueberries, 2 egg whites, chia seeds (white or black) and some LSA (linseed soy, almond mix). A nice walk or run before it heats up goes a long way as well.
L is for LOVE - Surround yourself with people who love you and your energy and who’s energy you love too. Not just now but all the time! 
M is for MUSIC – It can make or break a celebration and can lift you up when you’re feeling down, it can calm you when you are feeling stressed. Choose yours wisely.
N is for NEW YEAR and NEW GOALS - Have a think about what you might like to do differently next year that might not be serving you, and stick to it!

O is for OUTPUT - It needs to equal the input of food and drinks if you want to keep your trim and taught figure over the summer months, or just simply manage that silly season consumption!
P is for PARTIES - Most people love them, but not everyone, if you have friends or family who prefer the 1 on 1 catch ups then make time for those more intimate events.
Q is for QUIET TIME – Make sure you get some, whether it’s on the beach, in bed, in front of the tele, in the garden or meditating it will help you remain balanced and calm.
R is for RUN - Try some gentle jogging to start - on the beach it’s soft on your joints and the clean air will invigorate you. Also make sure you get up early or leave some time in the evening to avoid the hottest parts of the day.
S is for SANTA - Enough said!
T is for TRADITION – Have a think about your festive period traditions are they positive and helpful and do they leave you feeling good? If not, create some new traditions!
U is for UNWRAPPING - Everyones favourite part! Just remember to do it gently so you can reuse the paper and minimise consumption.
V is for VITALITY - The state of being strong and active; energy. Start the new year with it!
W is for WELLBEING - Or being well. If you find yourself getting exhausted take some time out ans some Multi or B Complex vitamins!
X is for XMAS – What a fun day it can be, but take a moment in the spirit of Christmas and spare a thought for those less fortunate that you.
Y is for YIPPEE - We get to relax and spend time with those we love!
Z is for ZZZZZ - Get enough sleep! That’s what holidays are for. Same goes for any over-excited little ones on Christmas eve! 

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