The benefits of selling in January

18 Dec 2018

Thinking about selling? If you’re savvy, you’ll want to seriously consider January as the time to get your ducks in a row... and for two really good reasons!

More Buyers
Contrary to popular belief,  data shows that there are actually more buyers looking in January than any other month of the year! It makes sense really… People often take time off in January, and what do you have when you’re on holidays? More time!  Time to think, and time to do! Both very important for the buying process.  

Moreover, a new year is a great time for change. It’s a time when people consider New Year resolutions, the need for a lifestyle change, a career move or a child’s school which may all contribute to a need to move house! Or maybe they just want a pool…
And, with more time on their hands, they’ll have far more time to make it to home opens, in search of that new dream home. At the same time, your home will benefit from higher home open numbers.


Less Listings

It’s no secret that many agents take time off in January… and with fewer agents working, there’s going to be fewer homes for sale - which can give your home a better chance at achieving a great result.

Less listings means more buyers focusing on your home, with increased competition pushing up demand and the price.

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