Time for a Spring Renovation?

01 Sep 2021

Spring is the time of year where we say goodbye to the cold winter weather and make way for the Perth summer sun! Logistically, it’s the perfect time to put your home on the market to get everything sorted and settled before Christmas, and psychologically, many people are ready for a bit of a change. It is also the favourite time of year to take your property to market, but how do you make it stand out from the crowd and finance it to do so?
When it comes to refreshing and renovations, they can be expensive, so here are our top tips to add value if you are selling or just to enjoy for yourself.
First up, that all-important first impression

Whether it is a freshly painted front door or some statement pot plants, they do count. First impressions go hand in hand with street appeal for prospective buyers. Pressure wash the driveway to remove the winter moss and dirt, trim hedges and bushes in the front garden and top up the mulch.
It is out with the old, declutter as you go

Go room by room and discard clutter, broken items, newspapers and pack away any items you have lying around. Not only will you feel good in the clean space, but it also gives potential buyers a blank canvas to imagine themselves living there. Clean surfaces also help make a space look more spacious, another great selling point!
Roll up your sleeves and get cleaning; there is a reason it is called ‘Spring Clean’!
With the increased light in your home, nothing can be left to chance, polish up surfaces, wash windows, polish tap wear, floors, mirrors and glass, dust down door frames and skirting and clean away those cobwebs!


Freshen up the look

Whether you do it yourself or bring in a professional styling company, property staging is proven to command an increased sale price. Freshen up towels, cushions and throws, rent or replace key pieces of furniture and/or artwork. Create a stylish, modern aspect that will leave buyers wanting more.
Repair the leaking tap and touch up the paint chips

Fresh paint works miracles on tired walls; stick to light and bright neutral colours. You can’t go wrong with white; not only does it make the place look fresh and clean, but it also accentuates the space. Replace any bulbs with brighter versions and get to those jobs you have been putting off. Don’t forget outside, remove the weeds, mow the lawn, plant a few season bulbs and freshen up outdoor furniture with colourful cushions or accessories.
Whether you are selling or wanting to spruce up your home to enjoy it this spring, we can help get you there. Our team of brokers can help you fund the project with options of a personal loan or refinancing. If you’d like to know more about sprucing up your space with the help of a broker, get in touch.

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