Updating your property to sell

30 Jan 2017

491581378-735x450.jpgMake the right impact on potential buyers this selling season, by focusing on these key areas.

Focus on the facade
First impressions count, so we recommend looking at the façade of your property from a buyer’s point of view to see where it can be improved.

One of the most common issues we see that immediately dates the property is mess and clutter out the front. Whether it be an old couch or table and chairs, kids’ toys, mismatching plant pots or hanging ornaments, the front should look spick and span.

Painting the front fence, handrails or installing a new front door that matches the style of the property are some good options on a budget.

Paint can do wonders to bring an older home into the 21st Century. If your property has a lot of dark, bolder colours, or a colour scheme that is not cohesive, re-painting can really transform the look and feel of the property, making it feel brighter and cleaner.

We recommend consulting a colour specialist to find out which colours would complement your home best. As a general rule, light and neutral colours are usually the best as they are not polarising and appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Once you’ve decluttered the front of the property, take some time to focus on the garden beds, lawn and pathway. Pruning into shape the hedges and trees (without making it look bare!) and putting down a fresh layer of mulch in the garden bed is a great way to spruce up the garden without breaking the bank.

Using a power water pressure cleaner to blast away built up dirt and grime from the driveway and pathways is an economical way to make everything look good as new again. You can typically hire them from the local hardware store.

Potential buyers coming to the property will also notice the lawn, so ensure it is freshly mowed and weeded – it will make a big difference to the overall look!  

Most buyers can forgive a dated kitchen if this is reflected in the selling price, but if you want the best for your property it may be worth making some superficial updates. Think about updating fixtures like handles and the tap, or replacing old or broken cupboard doors with new ones.

A carpet refresh can be just what your property needs to give it a lift. We recommend speaking with your Sales Associate to see what they would recommend. Sometimes all it takes is a professional clean, but if your carpet has major wear and tear it may be worth updating.

Window furnishings
Vertical venetian blinds, net curtains and heavy curtains in dark colours are sure fire ways to make a room look dated. Update the look of your home with window treatments that are uniform, simple and neutral in colour.

In general, roller blinds work well in bedrooms, and soft curtains in a light-coloured fabric tend to complement larger living spaces, but we recommend consulting an expert for your particular home.

You don’t have to go overboard with plantation shutters or high end treatments, especially before you sell because you likely won’t recoup the cost. Less is more!

If you have a window that is particularly hard to dress, like an arched or floor to ceiling window, ask your real estate agent whether it is worth dressing at all. Unless it is a matter of privacy, sometimes showing off a statement window and letting the light in is a plus for buyers.

Does your bathroom betray the year the property was built? Speak to your Sales Associate to determine the most cost-effective points to concentrate on. Simple updates like changing the taps and showerhead to modernise or giving the walls a facelift with paint can help update the space without over capitalising.

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