What to renovate first?

20 Feb 2020

When we think renovations, we almost always think of ideas relevant to us; the things we want in a home to make it a better place for us to live. Rarely when making these modifications are we thinking of a time when we aren’t there anymore. However, what you’re after in the moment and what you should be creating for a potential sell in future can be two very different things. Renovating to sell? Here's where you need to focus on...

Kitchens are the heart of every home and naturally a top priority for buyers! It is critical to note you should never sacrifice the functionality of the kitchen. Invest your money towards good quality drawers, smart cupboard interiors, and make sure every change you make to the layout is as efficient and easy to navigate as what your got rid of. Functionality and quality is key!


Similarly, to kitchens, bathrooms also need to have a high level of cleanliness, practicality and functionality, and it doesn’t go wrong if they’re pleasing to the eye with some added style. Start with a simple plan, outlining what features you need from your bathroom to improve the overall functionality of the area. Maybe you need a new basin? Or maybe to get rid of that dated bathtub that no one ever uses? Freeing up space will also give birth to ideas you never realised you had. If you get rid of the bathtub, you’ve just given yourself space for a double vanity! This in turn, becomes great news for families after a bathroom for growing kids.

Your home's curb appeal remains a high priority to buyers. If your garden is dead or overgrown, it sets the tone for what buyers can expect to find inside. Therefore, a clean, neat and low-maintenance appearance is favoured. This not only encourages potential buyers to venture inside after you’ve set the tone, but a low-maintenance garden also ensures potential buyers that they don’t have too much to worry about if they aren’t much of a green-thumb.

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